We know it’s Monday - sorry about that - but it does mean we are edging closer to the first live Strictly show of 2012. And we’ve still got so much to get through before then.

The fourth celebrity Cha Cha Cha-ing their way onto the Strictly site is Fern Britton. Fern has already competed in a Christmas edition of Strictly, but now she’s back to take on a full series worth of spins, whirls and twirls . Check out our EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of Fern and Artem in training, as the two met to learn their first routine.

See how Fern Britton and Artem Chigvintsev got on in their first training session.

As well as Fern in training, you can also see, EXCLUSIVELY I might add, Fern in her 2012 teaser trailer. You lucky things. 

Fern dosen't mind how long she stays in the competition. Is that Strictly true though?

We would like something in return though…

As Fern and Artem are a team, they’ll need a TEAM NAME. We’d love to hear your suggestions, so answers on a postcard to… actually, why don’t you just add them below.


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