Deadly Dances - Strictly Statistics - From week 7 of It Takes Two 2012

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The following statistics are correct up until the end of the day on Wednesday 14th November 2012.

As of Thursday morning in week 6, it was Denise and James who had done the most training with 26 hours clocked up. Kimberley and Pasha had done the least. 

By Thursday morning in week 4 of It Takes Two, Michael and Natalie had trained the most.

By Thursday morning of week 6, the leaders were still Michael and Natalie with 254.5 hours of overall training. Way down at the bottom was Nicky and Karen with just 169.5 hours.



Deadly Dance Styles

There have been a total of 906 competitive dances performed over the past 9 series. 

The dance that has been performed competitively the most times on the show is the Cha Cha Cha with a whopping 84 performances!

The Lindy Hop and the Rock N Roll have only been performed twice each; both in series 7.

The Rock N Roll performed by Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe and Natalie Cassidy & Vincent Simone.

The Lindy Hop has been performed by Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe and Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan.


With regards to the different types of dances, here are the average scores so far for each of them over the past 9 series;

The elimination percentages of these dances are;
So looking at these percentages, it's the Charleston that has got the highest elimination rate while the Quickstep is down at the bottom! Phew! With all those stats, we need a sit down now!



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