Week Three: Dress Rehearsal

Online Team

t's Love Week! Love really is in the air, everywhere we look around. We literally can't move without bumping into sequined hearts or getting showered with rose petals. It's one big schmoozy love fest. If you can't still the passion until 18:30 tonight take an exclusive first look at our pictures of our couples dancing cheek to cheek in rehearsals

Fiona and Anton dance the Waltz

Abbey and Aljaz dance the Jive

Rachel and Pasha dance the Cha Cha

Patrick and Anya dance the Foxtrot

Mark and Iveta dance the American Smooth

Ben and Kristina dance the Rumba

Sophie and Brendan dance the Samba

Susanna and Kevin dance the Waltz

Vanessa and James dance the Tango

Dave and Karen dance the Paso Doble

Julien and Janette dance the Jive

Deborah and Robin dance the Quickstep

Ashley and Ola dance the Samba

Natalie and Artem dance the Rumba


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