Strictly Mashup: Dani, Vincent & Skrillex

Online team

Last weekend Dani and Vincent wowed the judges with their energetic 50’s inspired jive and scored an impressive 33 points. Head judge Len even went so far as to call it: ‘absolutely fabulous!’.

But here on the Strictly Mashup Machine, we like to mix things up a bit... Previous weeks we have seen Sid and Ola dance to pop rockers Busted, and who can forget Lisa and Robin Cha Cha to heavy metal band Slipknot. So what could we add to this routine to make it even more fabulous? Why, a bit of dub-step, courtesy of Skrillex of course!

Each week we mashup one dance from the last episode

What do you guys think? Did Dani and Vincent’s rock and roll moves get you pumped for next week? Leave us your comments below and don’t forget to let us know what genres of music or musicians you’d like to see us feature in our weekly mashups! Enjoy!


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