Songs and Dances Revealed: Week Seven

Week seven! That means we are halfway through the competition! Time flies when you're having fun. And here are the 10 routines ready to take week seven by storm in the ballroom this weekend. 

Ashley and Pasha Foxtrot to 'Orange Coloured Sky' by Natalie Cole

Charles and Karen Viennese Waltz to 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel

Danny and Amy Quickstep to 'Freedom' by Pharrell Williams

Dr Ranj and Janette Samba to 'Freedom 90' by George Michael

Faye and Giovanni Tango to 'Call Me' by Blondie

Graeme and Oti Waltz to 'The Last Waltz' by Engelbert Humperdinck

Joe and Dianne Paso Doble to 'Pompeii' by Bastille

Kate and Aljaz Argentine Tango to 'Assassin’s Tango' by John Powell

Lauren and AJ Jive to 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne

Stacey and Kevin Couples Choice' (Street and Commercial) to 'Empire State Of Mind (Part II') by Alicia Keys



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