It Takes Two - You got questions? - Week 6

Online team

We're back after quite the weekend! There were props, drops, hops and top..... hats (sorry we couldn't find any other relevant rhyming words). 

So with our remaining nimble nine couples getting ready for the road to Wembley, do you have any questions or comments for when they join Zoe on the It Takes Two sofa?

Here's our current schedule for this week;


Fern and Artem

Louis and Flavia



Kimberley and Pasha

Denise and James

Julien MacDonald

Karen Hardy


Lisa and Robin

Victoria and Brendan

Ian Waite



Nicky and Karen

Dani and Vincent


Friday (with our Friday Panel)

Michael and Natalie

Richard and Erin

Friday Panel - TBC


As soon as we find out the confirmed Friday panel then as ever, we'll let you all know. 

Until then, leave any questions or comments below and (everybody now) don't forget to leave your name and location!


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