Getting Strictly-fied for the weekend - Strictly Statistics

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Every weekend our Strictly pro dancers perform in front of millions but their look of perfection doesn't come easily.

Hours of preparation and bottles (and bottles and bottles) of hair spray and fake tan, go into getting our couples looking so glam!

Over the last nine series the hair and make up team have got through the following...

  • 108 litres of liquid glitter
  • 315 mascara sticks
  • 360 full heads of hair extensions
  • 720 bottles of nail varnish
  • 1,764 sets of fake eye lashes
  • 4,536 cans of hairspray
  • 6,300 tissues (or 700 tissues a year)
  • 33,390 hair pins (if strung together these hair pins would stretch over a mile - 1.72km!)

And that's just been for Anton Du Beke! We joke, we joke!

It's interesting to note that in one series of Strictly, an average of 504 cans of hairspray is used. That's 252 litres! Enough to fill a very large bath or 6 Mini Cooper petrol tanks...full up!

Ola Jordan holds the record for hair extensions. She had 3 sets weighing 10lbs in total for the Halloween special in 2011. 

Eight hairdryers are used per show with 220 degree heat (phew!). If the heat output of all the hairdryers were combined that would equal 1760 degrees! Around four hairdryers on average blow up per series

236 rollers and hot sticks are used for each show.


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