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Good afternoon Strictly fans! How has your day been? Ours has been great, thanks for asking. But you know what? if I’m honest, there has been a bit of a division in the office this week. Now that both Johnny and Jerry have left the competition, people are starting to firmly state their favourites to win the show (though of course we’d never be so unprofessional as to say who we are backing).

But that’s healthy, a little bit of competition, of rivalry. So what about YOU? Where does your Strictly allegiance stand? We wanted to find out, so each of our couples have recorded a message to their fans and they want to read your comments and see your support in the “Comments Section”. Who will get the most comments? Who is the popular kid at the party and who is staying home playing board games with their gran?

Pin your colours to the mast now and give a big shout out to your favourite team! Just click their link below...

Victoria & Brendan = Team KiwiGB

Colin & Kristina = Team Colina

Denise & James = Team VanJam

Richard & Erin = Team Erick

Louis & Flavia = Team Flouia

Kimberley & Pasha =  Team Pasherley

Sid & Ola = Team SidOla

Dani & Vicent = Team Smurf

Michael & Natalie = Team Howznat

Fern & Atrem = Team Ferrari

Nicky & Karen = Team Kanicky

Lisa & Robin = Team Ri-Ro


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