Dave Myers leaves Strictly

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Tonight we bid farewell to Dave Myers who became the sixth contestant to leave the show. In a week where his Scottish-inspired tartan Tango was described by Darcey as "one of his better dances" it wasn't enough to impress the Judges and very sadly the Hairy Biker took the low road out of the competition.

After facing his Ballroom buddy Mark Benton in the Dance Off, Dave gave an impassioned speech about his time on the show...

"I’ve had the time of my life Tess, I mean I’ve met some wonderful friends, but everything is down to our Karen. I did come to this having never danced before, well only planted my feet and banged my head. The first dancing lesson is a bit like having your first driving lesson but they give you a Ferrari, so you’re bound to crunch the gears, but she’s still in one piece. But I think with her and Kevin, myself and my wife, we’ve just made the most wonderful friends. And you lot (Judges) are alright as well. I would like to thank everyone at Strictly, including yourself (Tess), including all of the professional dancers who’ve embraced us lot. The wonderful thing about Strictly, it’s democratic, the public have a say, the professionals have a say and everybody looks out for everybody else and I’ve loved every minute.”

Watch our exclusive clip as our remaining couples bid a found farewell to Team Hauerley Daveson to the soundtrack of The Scorpions, 'Winds Of Change' and Dave's favourite band.


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