Ugh. Where on earth did that weekend go? We didn’t move it, did you? Well, we may all be back to work tomorrow but look on the bright side. Firstly, we can continue the official countdown to the first show this coming Friday and secondly, we’ve got another EXCLUSIVE training video for you. And not just any old training video, it’s an Olympic gold of a video. That’s right; it’s Victoria Pendleton and Brendan Cole. 

The golden girl joined Brendan in the dance studio as they prepared to get their Strictly campaign underway. But would the Olympic champion, famed for her dedication and high achievement, expect too much too soon? Victoria is her own harshest critic and Brendan was going to have his work cut out convincing her that she was doing well during her first lesson.

Victoria states she can't do something

You can also see Victoria’s teaser trail as well.

Victoria talks about how emotions will feature a lot in this year's Strictly.

One last thing, these two need a team name, can you think of any? If so, just note it below. You’re a star!


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