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Leaderboard - Semi Final

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BBC Strictly Nora | 20:33 UK time, Saturday, 10 December 2011

It was a night of double the dances, double the drama and double the figures as two of tonight's celebrities scored four tens for the first time.

And although Chelsee and Jason had perfect scores for their performances, it was Harry who climbed to the top of the leaderboard with a consistant total of 39 for each dance. Leaving Alex languishing at the bottom after achieving 31 and 34 for her Waltz and Salsa.

Who will be on the bus to Blackpool? Tune in tomorrow at 6.55pm to find out.

Leaderboard - Semi-final


  • Comment number 1.

    Poor judging, in my opinion. Harry undermarked, Jason,Holly and Chelsee all overmarked. Thank goodness the real voting power is with the viewers!
    Harry to win!

  • Comment number 2.

    A very good show tonight it is going to be very sad for whoever goes out sorry Alex think your time is up but the second dancer to go is hard to say between Holly & Jason,
    That's my opinion think nothing between Harry & Chelsea to win !!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 3.

    I think the judges got jasons last dance totally wrong with the marks. It was not good enough for 10s. Very much 8 or maybe 9s. The front runner tonight was Harry by far. Hes such a class act . Go Harry Blackpool here you come. The glitter Balls all yours for the taking fella.

  • Comment number 4.

    I have just watched the programme on the iplayer. I felt that Holly's Argentine Tango was undermarked compared to the reaction of the judges.

    Also agree that Harry's dancing was as good as Chelsee's so why the 9 from Craig in the Charleston. Hum!

  • Comment number 5.

    Loved all the dancer's tonight and while we all have favourite's, they're were all brilliant!!!!!
    What on earth do I do after next Saturday when it all over:(

  • Comment number 6.

    Think the leader board order was right this evening.

    I am choosing a dancer to win rather than a technician or entertainer.

  • Comment number 7.

    Another fab night and ALL 5 of the dancers should be very proud. I really love Holly and I think she has displayed some amazing strength of character to come back from being in the bottom 2 for two weeks running (when she didn't deserve to be). She has been underrated all series. But... I thought they all looked a little tired tonight and Holly's Charleston (whilst good) she was noticeably struggling. Great show everyone. It has been a fab series. Love you Holly... all the best.

  • Comment number 8.

    I think tonight's was a fantastic show with some brilliant dancing. Yes, I have a favourite, but I agree with others, i'm just going to be so sad when Strictly says goodbye for another year. Overall the leaderboard tonight was correct.

  • Comment number 9.

    Harry deserved 2 40s tonight - Jason was overmarked in my honest opinion - Harry is the true winner for me - he is so humble and sweet and I want a male winner again please

  • Comment number 10.

    what does Harry have to do to get a 10 from Craig?????????

    I couldnt spot any mistakes in Jason's AT so that deserved a 40, but Chelsee and Holly were overmarked.

    Ranking order was correct and I believe scores were manipulated for that to happen.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi all,

    Just watched it and it was a great show three couples sparkled and have booked their places at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool while two others couples will be at Blackpool but won't be competing but will be watching from the viewing gallery.

    Harry and Aliona for me his personal best their Charleston had everything in it fin comedy and with a Charleston I like to get swept away with the fun of it all and from the start I totally got lost in the fun of this routine and Harry and Aliona's Vieneese Waltz who cares about CRH's verdict on head placement I wasn't looking at head placement I was looking at how wonderful the routine was mission accomplished and he is on his way to Blackpool for sure.

    Chelsee and Pasha now I do not care what is said about undermarking or was it worthy of the scores the dances it was given for me the dances were absolutley brilliant Chelsee's American Smooth was brilliant the music choice complimented the routine perfectly absoloutley heavenley and a dream to watch and loved the lifts and the Paso total dominance and authority and it was pure power and the music set off the right balance well deserving of the 40.

    Jason and Kristina now I really wanted to hate this Samba and well I didn't because Jason really nailed it and it got me in the party mood and with this awful weather you need something to warm you up and Jason Dononvan shaking his bon bon in time to the music totally warmed me up and his Argentine Tango seductive, steamy and sexy and Kristina looked the picture of sex appeal as well also well deserved the marks it was given.

    Holly and Artem for me a partnership on it's last legs because the Argenetine Tango it was a tick the boxes Argentine Tango with a couple of hot moments thrown in frankly what it lacked was spice it was more like a lukewarm curry and it wasn't helped with the amount of time lost with Holly sitting on the stool and the Charleston or was it because there is one dance that blows it for one couple and this dance totally blew it for Holly and Artem I mean it started of really speedy but Artem looked like he was dancing with Duracell batteries while Holly looked as if her batteries had totally run out totally lost energy and where was the comedy and goofiness associated with a Charleston because all I seen was a basic dance and for me it stood out like a bad migrane.

    Alex and James now she tried but that Waltz it was a by the book waltz just all the steps they were done very well must admit but it was way to safe I w

  • Comment number 12.

    Didn't get some of my comment posted so with that,

    Alex and James now the Waltz it was a by the rulebook waltz the steps were there and it beautifully done but it just lacked excitement for me and the Salsa now firstly what was the point of Alex wearing that cleaners overcoat and having the brush because it ruined the routine for me and I didn't get what place this prop and costume had in the routine totally confusing and in hold Alex is good but out of hold Alex looked as if she had to much Vino and was being held up by James.

    So with that in mind going to the final in Blackpool Harry, Chelsee and Jason coats and taxi home for Holly and Alex.

    Night all
    Keeeeeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 13.

    I can't believe the scoring on this show, it must be worked out before hand
    by the producers.
    The judges must be primed and the public vote, well, not counting for much.
    One day, someone will spill the beans no doubt, i'm hoping so anyway.

  • Comment number 14.

    I thought that Chelsea and Pasha and Jason and Kristina's marks where spot on, their last dances had something about them that just went beyond steps and routines and the normal dances you see on strictly. They had the perfect mixture of technical ability, passion, characterisation, entertainment and most of all they nailed the feeling in the dance, they weren't just doing a routine or getting steps right, they where living, breathing, feeling the dance, and you could tell even sitting at home on the sofa and that's what makes them worth a 40. Well done to both of them and they should both be in that final!!

  • Comment number 15.

    I sincerely hnope that Jason & Kiristina win the 'Gliutter Ball'. They were far the best dancers. Personally I thinjk that the judtes vote for Chelsea because she is young - but not for her dancing, she is good but not exceptional. Harry did not do as well last night.I do agree with some of the conmments, it is time for Alex and Holly to go. There was no sparkle wit them at all.

    Yes I dso agree the judtes have theire favourties and this should not be so. They should judtge on thei merits of the dancers. Please next year change some of the judges, spescially Alesha.

    By the way what on earth was Tess weearing, if her dress had been much shorter you could have seen her underwear, she has not got the legs for dresses so short.


  • Comment number 16.

    Fergal :- I love you to bits, I really do.You are obviously devoted to this programme.

    You have so much to say about SCD. So much so that more often than not your posts are halted midstream and you have to finalise your comments with another post which hopefully will get it all said.

    You are not by any chance a descendant of James Joyce are you? Stream of consciousness springs to mind. Never managed to get to the end of Ulysses and Virginia Woolf posed a similar problem.

    I agree, Chelsee and Harry in the final, that will be how the votes from the public will go, definitely.

    Unfortunately, I think Alex will be back full time on the day job.

    However, stream of consciouness fails to decide between Holly and Jason.

    Just where will the GBP put the full stop?

  • Comment number 17.

    @6 Mrs Arcanum

    Aren't they ALL very good dancers? Fail to see who is the technician and who is the entertainer. And what does it matter?

    Across the board a lot of people disagree with the judges.

    And why are technique and entertainment divorced from dancing?

    Fred Astaire was technically brilliant, a wonderful entertainer, and THE best dancer ever to have graced this planet, or any other. Seems to me all three go together.

  • Comment number 18.

    Please please please cut the sketches for next year - they are just too corny!

  • Comment number 19.

    So agree with 18 conniethecat. Also lets scrap props and Alisha. Alex has talked herself out of the final and Holly danced her way out of the final. So the 3 finalists hopefully will be Chelsee, Harry and JASON

  • Comment number 20.

    Craig, does an Argentine Tango not require more than 1 flick by the male dancer? I'm sure it does! I suggest you and the other judges watch Jason and Holly again and get your facts straight. Holly-Brilliant, Jason only 1 flick on the steps, surely that's not a 10 by any means. Surely you wouldn't have your favourites, would you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 21.

    Once again, poor marking. Agree with Karen, the judges DO have their favourites, because up until his (and the final dance of the night so they knew what they had to do) Jason was out of it. If Jason does get through he can thank the judges who overmarked his Argentine Tango. Compare and contrast Holly and Jason???

  • Comment number 22.

    @ lincolnduncan - they may all be good at learning their routines but they are not all good dancers. You need to look back at previous series best dances to see the difference.

  • Comment number 23.

    Mrs. Arcanum... To be fair I think all of those left are more than one dimensional ☺☺

  • Comment number 24.

    Great show. Aex and Holly to leave. Can't wait for the final. Any of Harry, Chelsee or Jason could take the glitterball, which will make for a tense and thrilling night. I'm siding slightly with Harry for now though.

    BBC - please cut back on all these stupid VTs where the dancers act out tedious, trite mini-drama sequences. Training is fine, but beyond that, I'd rather you save the time and substitute with another stunning professional dance like Vincent and Flavia's Argentine Tango from earlier in the series. That was breathtaking and much more rewarding to the viewer than seeing Craig and others acting like pantomime dames. Such poor judgement would be understandable on the Xmas Special of course.

    Please take a straw poll if you don't believe this is a common opinion.

  • Comment number 25.

    I think Alex has been consistantly undermarked. Many of her dances have been beatiful and it's just been unfortunate that she's had 2 wardrobe malfunctions. The judges cannot blame that on her, because it's something completely down to chance and yet they seem to mark her down for it. " 7s from Craig this was too low for her waltz she should've scored at least an 8 if not a 9. Same for her slsa.

    Also Jason was way overmarked in his argentine tango, he takes himself way too seriously, it's a dance competition not the colleseum!!

    Harry was very good though I didn't understand whyhe didn't get 2 40s he was still brilliant.

    For me Holly, Harry and Alex for the final. I think the judges are blatently trying to get specific people into the final, I think it's awful that they consistantly over mark some people and consistantly under mark others.

  • Comment number 26.

    @ otjocs - Some of the problems come from the very short period the couples have together before the competition gets into full swing. They used to have 5 or 6 weeks training before the first proper show giving the professionals time to teach proper basics and get them strengthening their cores. Now all they have time to do is learn the routine.

  • Comment number 27.

    Love Chelsea's dancing - such energy, right to her fingertips. Harry, too - wow, what a pair. Joint winners?

  • Comment number 28.

    Can't quite believe the scoring tonight. Chelsee's Paso quite clearly had errors, and you could see she was thinking she was going to get panned by the judges, yet they gave her four 10s??? Similarly Alesha gave her a 10 for the America Smooth even though there were errors there too.
    Stack that against an immaculate tango from Holly (no 10s) and the fantastic waltz by Harry (only 3 10s)
    Note to the judges: it was a bit of a sham folks. CRH and AD you let yourselves down last night. Shame on you.

  • Comment number 29.

    Why did only Len comment on Harry? It would have been nice to know why Craig once more denied Harry a perfect score which he celary deserved.

  • Comment number 30.

    Well I do agree that they could cut down on some of the 'pointless sketches' and I was dissapointed the 4 judges didn't get to comment on Harry's 1st dance which was excellent only for Bruce to drag out his xmas cracker gags once more...

    I must have been the only one who saw a errors in Chelsea's Passa as she was out of sync on more than 1 occasion and almost lost footing, yet she gets 4 10's?? - I thought Jasons Tango was amazing and I don't think Chelsea would have got the 4 10's if her dance would have come after Jasons

  • Comment number 31.

    Mrs. A... I didn't know they used to have more training time. No wonder standards were higher!

  • Comment number 32.

    Cannot believe Craig did not give Harry at least one 10, he was by far the best and his Viennese Waltz was mesmerising. What happened to the Craig who dislikes hunched shoulders - Chelsee's were by her ears for the first section. The audience could hear her say "Oh no" when she finished as she knew it wasn't that great - and yet the judges raved. Explanation please!

  • Comment number 33.

    I thought that Jasos AT was more of a display of his partners body that a proper dance, and it certainly did not merit a 10. For me, I,m just wild about Harry. Hope he wins.

  • Comment number 34.

    I don't mind the pre-dance VT segments (I presume they are actually needed to give time for the studio to prepare for the actual dance, so I suspect all they can really do is tweak the content, not replace them with alternative dances).
    I'd like to see judges remarks though (maybe the Sunday show will reveal what Craig disliked in the first dance) - thats far more important to me than listening to presenters trying to be funny.

  • Comment number 35.

    Morning a few thoughts

    Could someone please explain the Chelsee phenomenom to me a she is granted a good dancer but does not seem to sell the dance/show that she is really enjoying it.

    On paper could have the best final ever as general standard besides Alex and maybe Holly is good

    Barring a CRH disaster on the floor though is hard to see past Harry

  • Comment number 36.

    Hi all again, have just watched Chelsee paso, and definately she was out of time in the corners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can belive Craig gave her 10!!! and Harry 9 because his head position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also watched again Jason's AT, it was about CHristina, and him holding her in different positions!!!He did not do a lot flickers, or ganchos-hook, he did only ONE when he was going down the step, and on the dance floor, she was doing it, NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wishe juges, were reading our comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 37.

    Sadly, very sadly this programme has had its day in its current format. You only have to look back a few series to see that standards were much higher - look back when Arlene was judging, it was infinitely better. How can you possibly compare anyone in this series to Mark Ramprakash, Jill Halfpenny, Tom Chambers et al. The 'playlets' are excruciating and the celebrities clearly need more practice time and in the name of sanity get rid of Alesha Dixon. For me she has ruined this programme. I thought Holly's tango last night was exquisite with an excellent music choice, Artem really knows what he's doing. Whilst Jason did very little and Kristina only needed a pole to dance on such was Jason's input. Chelsee made errors in her dancing and yet got marks of 10 from each judge.

  • Comment number 38.

    Harry and Aliona wow viennese waltz had me in tears, undermarked by craig - amazing semi final can't wait for next week best show on tv, ist just a shame anyone has to leave this week

  • Comment number 39.

    bad scoring again, would agree that the right ones got to the semi and that the right 3 will get to the final, sadly not because they are great dancers but rather the best of a bad bunch

  • Comment number 40.

    I can see from this thread that passions are riding high here.

    I support both Hartem and Jastina.

    The bookies had these two down as the under dogs this week, so to come back fighting for their place in the final was something to be commended.

    everyone did there best last night and having two dances to do needed a lot of stamina not only physically but mentally.

    We all have our favourites but whoever stays in tonight deserves their place because remember the GBP can change the results by voting so if you didn't vote for your favourite and they didn't get through, then what can I say.

    Strictly is Art and Art is very subjective what I like you might dislike.

    My fingers are crossed for tonight!

    Well done everyone!

  • Comment number 41.

    I have to agree that Chelsea did make mistakes in her dances thought I was the only one who saw it

  • Comment number 42.

    Hi all,

    Firstly lincolnduncan yes my analysis are like after dinner speeches and I don't hire a team of writers to write them and I'm not a descendant of James Joyce I just love SCD and love commenting on the show I have seen but I think I will condense my analysis down to bite size chunks and thank you so much for the compliments you made me I really appreaciate them.

    Now for some questions.

    1 What was the point of having Alex dressed up like she was the cleaner all she needed was a pair of Hilda Ogden's rollers and the look was complete.

    2 Was the reason that Craig and Bruno were drooling over Harry's perfect physique was because they bought this month's issue of Attitude gay magazine where Hatrry is the mag's cover star stripped down to his underpants.

    3 And also why did the wardrobe department dress Alex in that awful outfit for her Samba combined with the cleaners coat from the looks of it she was admitting defeat and resigned to the fact she would be going home.

    Just a few queries I would like clarified.

  • Comment number 43.

    Harry & Aliona were Fantastic!!! and why only one judges opinion on their Charleston before they whisked off to Tess??? They deserved 2 40's!! There was some slight delay issue at the end of chelsee & pasha's dance,but still they scored 40!! Hmmm! Alex done good considering she's one of the non actors amongst them. Personally i think Holly has lost the will to get to the final,the spark isn't there like the rest of them,her swan lake was mesmerising though.and Jason...hmmm very overated , yes he can dance,but thinks he's the great i am... Just my opinion...Good luck all , here's to Harry ,Chelsee & Alex for the final xx

  • Comment number 44.

    Three couples Harry and Aliona, Jason and Kristina, and Chelsee and Pasha for me totally raised their game last night and proved why they deserve a place in the final in Blackpool whether or not they were undermarked, overmarked out of sync whatever does not matter because their dances were spot on and worthy of being semi final dances.

    Holly and Artem they didn't work for me because their Argentine Tango lacked spice, passion and sexual tension and their Charleston lacked the comedy goofiness factor and also energy as well getting to their AT Artem looking sexy Holly looking even sexier in that dress cut to the thigh when Jameie Lee Curtis and Arnie performed the AT in True Lies you could smell and sense the sexual tension with Holly and Artem there were some signs of passion and spice but not enough to raise the stakes to semi final standard.

    Their Charleston on paper it worked a modern take on the Charleston and it looked good Artem looking like Will Young and Holly looking fab-uo-lous in her costume but to much messing about at the start and Artem was dancing like he was a throughbread and he expected Holly to keep up with him and after about 30 seconds she was knackered and that's where the mistakes happened and I think that blew their oppoutunity for them.

    James and Alex now their Waltz it was basic and way to safe they were concerned with getting the steps right I could just predict James thinking in his mind rise and fall check, free flowing movement round the floor check like he had a little checklist in his brain not entertaining enough for a semi final.

    And their Salsa as I said before all Alex needed was a pair of Hilda Ogden's rollers and the look was complete because from what I could see Alex was trying to recreate Angela Rippon's emerging from behind the newsdesk into a sexy seethrough number on the Morecombe and Wise Christmas Show 1977 great on paper not so great on the dancefloor because was it the fact that James was trying to create the fact that Alex was to look like the dull cleaner and emerge into this sexy swan because I just didn't get it and after that 5 seconds the whole routine was lost on me.

    Just my views.

  • Comment number 45.

    An experiment..........

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below before re posting.

    So to start....


  • Comment number 46.

    So to conclude three couples deserve to be in the final those are.

    Chelsee and Pasha
    Jason and Kristina(For being consistent throughout and really putting his heart and soul into it)
    Harry and Aliona

    And I think it's time up for.

    Holly and Artem(Two dances just didn't work for me not enough chemistry and not enoughe energy)
    James and Alex(Total lack of excitement and not enough entertainment to be worthy of a place in the Grand final and for a better couple to go out because they want to give Alex the sympathy vote would be a travesty)

    Oh and also does anyone at the Beeb know the number for Supernanny Jo Frost because James and his sulky childish behaviour is getting on my wick he needs his own naughty chair at least twice I counted that he was worthy to be sent to time out 1 for sulking and 2 for pulling faces during Jason's interview with Tess.

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 47.

    Overall, I thought the quality of the dancing was spectacular last night but slightly disagreed with some of the judges scores. In my opinion, Harry was under-marked. He is not a 'professional' dancer just as the other celebrities are not professional dancers and if the judges want to be overly nit-picky I'm sure that they could fine some small flaw or 'personal preference' to justify marking down all of the celebrities' performances. As such, it seems that there may be a bit of favouritism influencing some of the judges scoring. While Jason Donovan's second dance last night may have been 'technically' correct, his performance of the dance can be described in one word: contrived. Overall, his dances generally lack a certain genuineness. He does not appear to 'dance the dance' with genuine emotion or passion. It all looks a little too 'staged' and 'overly-performed.' As Craig has pointedly remarked, Jason has the least natural talent as a dancer of those remaining in the competition at this stage. Because of that, it seems to me that he simply memorizes the steps and 'acts' his way through the passion and emotion needed in order to make the dance come alive for the viewer. To me, this is the most difficult part of performing the dance after mastering the basic steps and which seems to come naturally to others such as Harry and Chelsea. For me, this is not something that can be taught or learned. You either have it or you do not. At this stage of the competition, when all of the remaining dancers seem to be on fairly equal footing in terms of technical ability, (with possibly the exception of Holly and Alex who are either too inconsistent or just not technically on the same level as Harry, Chelsea and Jason), it is going to be their ability to 'wow' the audience and the judges with their mastery of these types of intangibles that will distinguish them from each other. Jason simply does not have the innate ability to perform on this level and I think the judges may be slightly guilty of trying to 'will' him into succeeding where the others naturally triumph.

  • Comment number 48.

    Have SCD not heard of the south of England? We are to miss out on the final being shown in 3D and also the tour! Come on SCD, there are loads of fans in that little part of england at the bottom of the map!! Love the show and just want to be part of it.

  • Comment number 49.

    Great show, great dancing! Sir Bruce, please stop mocking Chelsee's accent. Everybody has an accent, even National Treasures. And nobody likes having their accent mocked. You're a great man, set a great example.

  • Comment number 50.

    @ Johnson post 35 There are many people who can see that Chelsee does sell the dance and based on the scores last night the Judges seem to think so too (they also get the best view). She has been suffering with back problems this week and for me it clearly showed in both dances. Even Chelsee herself seemed to be saying sorry to Pasha for her performances, yet she sold the dance despite the errors because she makes an emotional connection with the dance and the audience.

    Harry on the other hand, nice though he is, always looks constipated and never allows the dancing to register sufficiently on his face even when it is essential such as for the Charleston. His VW performance however had his facial expression correct for the music and the emotion. I thought he deserved full marks for that. He never sells it for me emotionally though he dances technically very well.

    Jason goes out there and performs, there may be mistakes and he may seem to dance by numbers but he has the performance skills to cover his deficiencies.

  • Comment number 51.

    Re: An experiment.......... thanks for starting this

    I feel the VTs should be dumped next series!

    Do you feel the same??
    cut and paste this comment and add your name below before re posting.

    Bring back the show casing of dances on Saturday night... get guest dancers in for the Sunday... OR, just make the Saturday show snapper & shorter! Sometimes watching the show does feel like a marathon!

    Miss B

  • Comment number 52.

    Harry and Alliona were superb last night as always. Chelsea was also very good. However i don't understand why chelsea gained a ten off Craig and Harry didn't. Craig had nothing bad to say about either of Harry's performances therefore he deserved a full house of 10's.
    Harry and Aliona to win. :-) :-) :-)

  • Comment number 53.

    I feel the VTs should be dumped next series!

    Great idea.

  • Comment number 54.

    Could not agree more the VT's should be dumped next year last night's batch were totally cringeworthy like a low budget advert.

    Fantastic idea let's hope we get our voices heard.

  • Comment number 55.

    Of out now so final verdict for the results show this evening.


    Harry and Aliona
    Chelsee and Pasha
    Jason and Kristina

    Taxi Home and watching the final from the sidelines.

    Alex and James
    Holly and Artem

    Will comment after the X Factor Final Part 2 from Wembley Arena
    Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 56.

    But aren't you meant to keep it a secret until it's Sunday?

  • Comment number 57.

    @ teddyandgypsy - Fergal has only posted his speculation. How accurate it is will be for those who prefer to wait for the results show to find out later.

  • Comment number 58.

    Have just caught up with last nights show. Well, imho, they might as well just give Harry and Aliona the glitterball now.

    I didn't enjoy his charleston. Yes, his steps were all there and well executed, but it didn't have enough goofiness for my liking. His VW was lovely.

    I loved Chelsee & Pasha's dances. Even with the one or two mistakes she made, I think she deseerved the scores. She sells her dances well and I find them entertaining.

    Holly's dancing leaves me cold. Her AT was ok, but I felt there was too much messing around with her on the stool and her charleston was again a bit characterless and she looked like she was running out of steam by the end of it.

    Jason's AT was very good, but not sure that it deserved 4 10s. Of course, what we have to remember is that the judges see every step, unlike us viewers who have to put up with these mad swirly camera angles we get.

    I thought Alex' waltz was lovely (if quite basic) and thoroughly undermarked. Craig's 7 was a bit harsh. Her salsa maybe wasn't brilliant, but again was undermaked by Craig. I agreed with James that Craig is taking his dislike of him out on Alex.

    I think Alex will definitely be sidelined tonight along with Holly. Only time will tell.

    Good luck to all of them.

    I'd like to see Chelsee and Pasha lift the glitterball, but I don't think that will be the case.

  • Comment number 59.

    great idea hope everyone does it.

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below before re posting


  • Comment number 60.

    Yes - get rid of the stupid VTs. The professional dancers are being used as some kind of comedic act - why on earth can't we see them dancing like we used to?

    What a waste of talent ...

  • Comment number 61.

    The bias being shown by the judges is outrageous. Last night Holly, no negative comments from judges, yet she is marked lower than Chelsee, even though Chelsee received one or two negative comments. Holly's "Swan Lake" and Paso were outstanding,(at least for artistic impression) yet still marked down. And is Chelsee really as good as Jill Halfpenny? I don't think so. Come on judges, time to get out of the "we love the little girl" mind-set!

  • Comment number 62.

    It was a night I very much enjoyed.

  • Comment number 63.

    It was A night I very much enjoyed and as the dancing gets better each year so get the judging more stringent. All little slips and head positions are noted. All celebs however started as non professional dancers and only after a very short period are dancing at professional level. However, the scoring is not always shared with the viewers and rightly so. The judges cannot always be right. I also thought the Jason consistenly gets too higher scores. The slipups and missteps are not reflected in his score. Besides all of that, the male celebs seem to have a supporting role in the dance (the professional females do all the finishing and fine tuning) as the females celebrities have to be more complex in their steps to make the dance a whole. I very much stand by Chelsee. She has danced her "but off" and is now soo good that she shines and that is much, much more than what I can say about old Jason

  • Comment number 64.

    Joyce, I can't agree with you that the dancing gets better each year, nor the judging more stringent. I think the standard of dancing has really fallen off over the past couple of years. In previous years the range of steps mastered by the best dancers was much wider than now. A lot of people posting on this site over the series have pointed out the lack of fleckerls, samba rolls ganchos etc and the intrusion of illegal llifts, props and gimmicks which both cause and attempt to cover up (unsuccessfully in my view) the lack of technical content in many of the dances. Also, there is still a lot of wobbling about and stomping, and standing still while the professional dances round (for the men) or lifts them about (for the women). The contestants don;t seem to actually improve, either. I think they are all still about the same level now that they were in week 1, they've just done more dances.

    This year's finalists are about the standard the best dancers in previous years would have reached 1/3 of the way through the competition, in my opinion.

    And the judging is much softer - points are not being deducted for illegal lifts, breaking hold, and, in some cases, not actually doing the dance at all. It used to be really hard to get a 10, and now they are handed out liberally. I bet there have been more 10s more quickly in this series than in previous series.

    Look at past dances on Youtube, and you'll see how much higher the standard was before 2010.

  • Comment number 65.

    REALLY annoyed with the BBC. The telephone numbers for voting were only displayed momentarily during Sat's show and I was busy voting for Alex and we missed Chelsee's number completely. Daughter devastated at not having been able to vote for her favourite. WHY DON'T YOU DISPLAY THE NUMBERS AT THE FOOT OF THE SCREEN????? We also scoured this website for the numbers. No luck. Very poor, BBC.

  • Comment number 66.

    This is where I commit heresy - but Jill Halfpenny's jive is not all it is cracked up to be.

    There done it :)

    Last night I felt neither 40 was deserved. Chelsee was off balance a couple of times and stumbled just after she got her heel caught in ger dress - were we the only family to see this?
    Jason made no mistakes - but that is easy if the choreography just has you standing still most of the time while your partner does all the moves.

    However the top 3 on teh leaderboard have been the 3 best dancers and if they go through deserve to be in the final.

    As to the standard of the series. Personally I think it has been as good as any other - though it has been too reliant on props. However it is not a dance competition. It is a light entertainment show featuring celebrities. anyway back to teh standard - for me Harry is the best male ever on SCD. (While last years winner was teh best dancer ever).

    And to end on a controversial note - I like Alesha too.

  • Comment number 67.

    Please can somebody tell "Sir Bruce" to be less patronizing to Chelsee .... he would never get away with mimiccing a Jamaican, Pakistani or Irish accent so why is it acceptable to him to make fun of Chelsee's accent every week. The man is a disgrace.

  • Comment number 68.

    Mrs A @50 Thanks for your Chelsee comments just not seen her expression change much whatever the dances.....but as you said the judges (the 3 real judges that is!) regard her highly and know more than me.

    Cobbnuts@ 37 agree with you SO much on Alesha who I am sure is a really nice person just been promoted beyond her level. Her selection and props etc all smack of the trend on tv to 'always move a show on' even though the old saying of if it ain't broke don't fix it applies SO much to this show. Also the beeb should not have follow this trend as surely this is the idea behind the licence fee.

  • Comment number 69.

    Watched first five dances live last night whilst preparing for dinner party. Liked Harry's dance (but do wish he'd look a bit happier sometimes), found Chelsee's American Smooth SO beautiful it hurt, appreciated Alex's waltz (but noticed she almost fell over just walking along, never mind dancing - the trouble with heels?), liked Holly's AT but wondered whether the costume department might have been a little kinder to her, and thought Jason's Samba was the poorest of the first round dances. Recorded the rest of the show for later viewing.

    Rewatching my recording, I was a little kinder to Jason, but still found Chelsee's AS the most moving of the first round dances, and continue to regard Harry as the one to match.

    The second round dances seemed to sort the sheep from the goats. Holly's Charleston was very unfortunate, though I don't think she was done any great favours by Artem's "innovative" routine or choice of music. And again the costume department could have done better. Loved Harry's VW, but only about half way through appreciated that his facial expression suited the music - well picked up by Craig. Don't know why Alex had to have the coat and broom at the start, it rather got in the way and must have been a distraction for her, but she did throw herself into it so good for her. I did like Chelsee's Paso, didn't notice the errors, and was not unhappy (but slightly surprised) with her score. I didn't think Jason did enough flicks and ganchos and all the clever leg work that others do, so was a bit bemused by the judges' scores - though for drama I thought it was cracking.

    These are the views of a non-dancing bloke who loves watching the programme for a variety of reasons, just like the GBP. (That's for the folk who try to insist SCD is a dancing competition).

    P.S. Don't know if the result was actually given away on "Something for the Weekend" on BBC2 but had to switch off in a hurry this morning just in case.

  • Comment number 70.

    Hi Ian Nicholls. I don't necessarily agree that VTs should be scrapped but they certainly need to improve on the corny ones they produced prior to the opening 5 dances.

    I also feel that some of the word plays that Bruce has been given this series have been shameful because of them being plays on offensive language and swear words. This is a competition and entertainment show all in one and as it is on prior to the 9 p.m watershed such language should not be involved.

    I also agree with you Margaret with your comments on Tess Daleys dress. It was immodest not only because of how revealingly short it was but also because of how revealingly low it started up top. It was disgraceful and thoroughly inappropriate to be worn on a show like SCD. Costume department Pull Your Socks Up!

  • Comment number 71.

    I said it all yesterday....bring back Arlene or at least replace Aleasha with a professional dancing judge; get rid of the childish VT format we're now subjectedto; bring back the original professional dancers (so the likes of James and Brendan don't try and hog the cameras all the time; replace TD quickly and even more quickly retire BF they got rid of Arlene because of her age, so....).

    Oh, no!! 'The Baby' is through. Well, foregone conclusion, she'll only cry if not. Harry through, thank goodness.....

    Anyway, as I was saying, the show has lost it for me. Took me ages to get into it this year and I nearly didn't bother. Not bothered, this year, when it ends. Shame, but when a winning formula is messed around with that's what happens. (Oh! The Fringe has been to the hairdressers AT LAST. Probably be another few years before that visit is made again!!).

    Okay, off to watch now...

  • Comment number 72.

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below before re posting.

    So to start....

    Jill Ferry

  • Comment number 73.

    The standard of dancing has not been as good in 2011 as in previous years, they definitely need more time to practice before the series begins. During the series they need to be rehearsing and not making stupid VTs that are too childish even for 5 year olds. Thousands of young children already enjoy this program, they don't need to be patronised! It is far more interesting for the dance loving viewer to see practice sessions taking place, we can learn something about dance, as well as seeing how the different personalites cope with the lessons and the professionals method of teaching. I have loved this program for 8 years but this series has spoiled my enjoyment. Please go back to the old format! And give Anton a good partner - he has been tortured for too long! Bring back Ian and Lilia and Darren!

  • Comment number 74.

    Well, I guess that the best 3 dancers are through. Can't help thinking Chelseeeeeeee was overmarked a tad.

    But I can only agree with lots of other comments : the props (useful for the weaker dancers to waste a bit of time) and those truly cheesy, appallingly DREADFUL little Video vignettes we now get instead of the actual training should be consigned to the dustbin of Strictly History. Please. Please. PLEASE. They add nothing to the show and in fact detract quite considerably - is ANYONE from the production team reading these comments as they almost universally hate them. And as for Wembley - well, the less said the better....

    I have watched Strictly since Series 2, and slowly, with these 'improvements', standards have fallen and the show is not what it was.

    I think the show has to decide what it is trying to be - is it an 'entertainment' show with props, non-dancing comedy turns (and we all know who they have been) and gruesome little video clips or ..... a dance competition.

    IMHO it works much better as a dance competition that just happens to hugely entertain, and doesn't need tarting up with silly gimmicks.

    Oh, and I've stopped watching It Takes Two because (no fault of Zoe or Claudia) because all we hear on the miniscule feedback sections are rave reviews ... but you only have to read most of the blog to know it ain't so !

    Please, is anyone reading or listening at the BBC ?

    Hello ? Is anyone there ?

  • Comment number 75.

    i couldn't agree with you more, the standard of dancing will need to improve if SCD is to continue, i do think the best three went through to the final but not because of the level of dancing but rather the best of a bad bunch

  • Comment number 76.

    I am now convinced more than ever that this is fixed. The first time Jason danced he was great, he has gone down hill ever since. He always makes mistakes that are real blunders. This week it was a real hum dinger. Has never danced since the first week, but top marks to Christina for covering up his mistakes and dancing her magic, even Alex was better than Jason. All he can do is wiggle his bum go three steps forward and back and walk side ways down stairs. He even has trouble lifting Christina and it shows. Proffessionals cringe when he comes on. But I bet he wins, then we will really see the audiances fall.

  • Comment number 77.

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below before re posting.

    So to start....

    Jill Ferry

    Jan Swatridge

  • Comment number 78.

    Here's hoping the leader board is the order for the final. Alex and Holly have been amazing, but on the night, Jason was better. Interestingly, although Jason's loss of timing was mentioned by every one of the judges, not one of them said anything about Holly's mistakes, even though she appeared to forget the dance and loose where she was several times. Why was that, I wonder?

  • Comment number 79.

    I think that Jason works incredibly hard - he has a great professional work ethic and pours himself into whatever he does, but he's not as good as Harry, and yet - yes, Harry is marked down from Jason.

    The judges certainly seem to have a bias towards and aginst specific contestants.

  • Comment number 80.

    Somebody from the BBC said they only had 30 complaints about the excessive screaming on the show - that just proves that nobody from the Production Team ever reads these posts !!!
    Craig & Bruno have really got on my wick this year. Neither of them have ever had anything to do with ballroom dancing, only stage work. Please, next series, can we have BALLROOM judges, & please, somebody, remind the camera crew that dancers have FEET, which we would like to see.

  • Comment number 81.

    Knew people were gonna comment about Chelsee's turn on the paso. A second turn is a common feature in the paso, it is where you mimic the matador's moves...Ie Conducting a spin after him or you shape his hand mimics after his. Also the female is half the time supposed to be the opposite to the male.
    I have danced the paso and technically all the technique and steps for a perfect dance was in Chelsee's and Pasha's Paso. There were traveling spins, shashas, promenade positions, surflex, spot turns, sway, arm styling and shaping flamencos, staccato movements, promenade flicks. Her walks were perfect, her feet closed correctly on the positional changes. People need to research the dances first before they can comment on incorrect technique and marks. Chelsee had a complex dance with complex steps hence the 40.

  • Comment number 82.

    I think we ended up the the final the judges wanted. Harry deserves his place in the final, but Chelsee and Jason hmm....... Both in my opinion have been over-marked consistently all series. Alex possibly the weakest dancer of the semi-finalists, Holly I think over either of the other two. But Artem could not be in the final, as he won last year. How Miss Dixon can give a 10 for a dance that the other 3 judges found fault with I find difficult to understand........any way if Harry does not win I think a wiff of fix is in the air.........and please, please, please BBC lets see the dances and not dazzling camera techniques next series, let the dance be the thing.

  • Comment number 83.

    A continuation from a previous blog........

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below the others before re posting.we'll see if anybody is reading these.

    So to start....


  • Comment number 84.

    I'm betting on Chelsee and Pasha to win. Some might be better than others but personally, I got a wee bit tired of Alex saying she had no faith in her ability et al...and the judges re-iterating the same old mantra of 'believe in yourself' on a weekly basis. She doesn't have the charisma and talent of Chelsee or the modesty and talent of Harry. As for Jason...yes, he has the footwork and the acting, but he's terribly po-faced about it all.

  • Comment number 85.

    Thank you for a great many amazing dances this year!
    You’ve been AMAZING Holly and a big well done to you.
    Would have LOVED to see you in the final, but I will always remember the fabulous routines you have treated us all to this year. You have made so many new fans!
    You brought a really refreshing glam and professionalism to the show.
    You will be missed but remembered fondly and I wish you all the very best for the future!

  • Comment number 86.

    I really enjoyed strictly this week but like many of you i think that some were overmarked a some unmarked. I think the right 3 are in the final but i think that is more to do with the judges clearly showing who there favorites are.
    I am glad to read that i am not the only one who thought that Chelsea was overmarked. I thought that she look nervous and very unsure all throught her paso and i did not think it was that good but the 4 10s from the judges. I wonder if they are watching the same dance as we do. Jason was good but again i felt he was also overmarked and did seem like he stood still while his partner dance around him (the judges had a go at ola for doing that with Robbie) but they gave him 4 10s. With Harry i felt that Craig undermarked him and i still trying to think what for, saying that the head was not left enough for him sounded silly to me and to dock him a whole piont, I felt that he was trying to justify why he was giving him a 9.

    But i am happy with the final 3 and i think it will be a good show.

    Harry to win.

  • Comment number 87.

    If you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below the others before re posting.we'll see if anybody is reading these.

    So to start....


  • Comment number 88.

    f you feel the VTs should be dumped next series, cut and paste this comment and add your name below the others before re posting.we'll see if anybody is reading these.

    So to start....


  • Comment number 89.

    Can we also start a comment asking for the removal of Alesha Dixon from the show?

  • Comment number 90.

    Cobbnuts .. you have my support fro Alesha to leave the show, she has the same comments fro everyone and knows nothing about dancing technique.

    Karen Hardy should take her place, a real pro, a fantastic dancer and knows what to look for!

    As for the final, don't support Jason, he is a pro and for that reasons doesn't deserve my vote.
    A very hard choice between Chelsea and Harry, both have done fantastically well and both deserve to win!

    It will be a breathtaking final!
    Good luck to chelsea and Harry ... sorry Jason, you had too much experience / exposure before the show started.

    Ho about asking the public to nominate folk for the next series, get rid of Alesha and Bruce, please, please retire!.


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