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60 second chat with... Henry Winkler

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BBC Strictly Gemma BBC Strictly Gemma | 10:56 UK time, Saturday, 15 October 2011

Each week Karen Hardy is joined by a special guest in her Red Button booth. For Broadway week it seemed quite appropriate the legend turned children's author Henry Winkler OBE stopped by and shared his love of Strictly with the viewers. Happy Days!

Online presenter, Nikki Dean caught up with Henry AKA 'The Fonz' moments before Saturday's live show, for a 60 second chat...

Henry Winkler

"Don't touch the leather"

How big a fan of Strictly are you and how did your love affair with the show start?

Well in America we have 'Dancing with the Stars' and we watch that every week. I have been lucky enough to be here at Strictly for the last three or four years, in Liverpool I met Ricky Whittle and gave him a pep talk and he did very well. I'm thinking maybe that had something to do with me (laughs).

Talking of Dancing with the Stars, there's lots of campaigns on the internet to get you on the show as a contestant, is that ever likely to happen?

Well I've learnt in this career to 'never say never' but I can come as close to saying never as I probably can, so I'll say no.

So the rumour that you'd only take part if Ron Howard was your partner isn't true?

(laughs) No, somebody made that up. I would only do it if Tess was my partner.

Well that's never happened before but maybe we could have a word. Would you do Strictly then?

The chances of that are as good as getting me on Dancing with the Stars!

It's Broadway week tonight - hypothetically if you were a contestant which big show tune would you love to dance to?

Broadway week is very exciting, it is truely live television at it's best. I would dance to Billy Elliot as it's possibly one of the geatest musicals I have ever seen in my whole life. I can't tap dance but I would teach myself just to do that and I'd wear the tights too. I have no problem wearing tights, I know who I am and tights does not change that it merely makes my legs look better!

How is your dancing? Can you throw some shapes?

(laughs) The lines I create, from my fingertips to my toes, it's extraordinary. 'Throwing some shapes' I'm stealing that line, it's funny!

As the ultimate king of cool who would you pick as this years 'coolest' celebrity?

Harry, is the king of cool. I just met them all in the make up room and they are lovely, lovely human beings. I would have to say Harry is cool, but Robbie is pretty cool too, I love his hair, I'd like mine like that. I had a photo with Audley harrison and I looked like a King Charles spaniel next to him - he's a big guy!

And let's talk judges, do you have a favourite?

I love Len, Bruno is very exciting - he is a TV show unto himself in the corner of that table. Craig is very knowledgable, very straightforward, knows his stuff, doesn't pull any punches and is very clear. Alesha is luuuvely.



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