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EXCLUSIVE: Training Video - Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev

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BBC Strictly Suzy | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 23 September 2011

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE rehearsal diary from Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev! After being matched together at the launch show, this dancing duo have been making fantastic progress in the training room, getting dizzy learning the Waltz.

Check out the action in our video:

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                                • Comment number 1.

                                  Interesting to see how Chelsee and Pasha's second week of rehearsals are going - she seems to be making quite good progress and starting to look quite graceful - really looking forward to seeing how their first live ballroom dance together goes.

                                • Comment number 2.

                                  Chelsee looks as if she moves well, is confident and gets on with Pasha.
                                  A good start. Look forward to seeing their first dance :):)

                                • Comment number 3.

                                  Nice girl...too much make up!

                                • Comment number 4.

                                  Chelsea is very graceful and looks much better without the blonde hair. She seems very unaware of her own ability and I reckon she'll do really well.I'm adding her to my list of favourites.

                                • Comment number 5.

                                  Chelsee is getin it ok.

                                  I hope she does well. I love her tweets they brighten up my day. :) x

                                • Comment number 6.

                                  I'm finding Chelsee's lips very distracting!

                                • Comment number 7.

                                  @Sid1979 - Do you mean you find Chelsee's bust distracting? She has big hair, big lips and big boobs. Perfect for creating an instant impact. Pasha looks lovely, a new heart throb for dance fans. He reminds me of that other Russian Maxim whatever his name is on the US version of the show. Looking forward to seeing more of him and maybe Anne Widdecombe's bras will be used again.

                                • Comment number 8.

                                  If the legs work as well as the arms... we could be in for a pleasant surprise with these two!

                                • Comment number 9.

                                  At last somebody who can move a bit. Just hope she gets a fair shake from the fans who judge her how she dances rather then how she looks or speaks. I find Strictly fans rather judgemental at times, hopefully she will be fun and a bit of a character. At least Pasha looks a good teacher, really enjoyed his intro dance.

                                • Comment number 10.

                                  @Chris1977 - I didnt comment about how Chelsee speaks. I only mentioned her physical attributes and was trying to be funny, sorry if I offended you. I assure you, once the competition starts for real I will be looking at the dancing. Saying that I like to have fun and also like the folks who show a bit of personality too.

                                • Comment number 11.

                                  No stefthepest your comment was fine but reading other comments elsewhere on forums Strictly fans can be rather cruel.

                                • Comment number 12.

                                  @Chris1977 - thanks. I try not to be cruel but it can be hard for me at times lol!

                                • Comment number 13.

                                  Lots to like in that clip. I like Pasha's encouraging style. The Siberian tiger looks a bit of a pussycat. Great work ethic from Chelsee, working hard and listening to Pasha. Graceful hands so far. Nice rhythm. I prefer the darker hair which I think looks more stunning. Less is more. Looks like a graceful waltz is emerging. If she can tone it down as well as jazz it up when necessary, then she's in with a good chance. Go Team Pastee (Mrs Arcannum's brilliant suggestion)

                                • Comment number 14.

                                  Yes agree if the bottom half works as well as the top half we could be in for a real treat with this couple. Chelsee seems hardworking, confident with good charisma - all boding well for their first live dance together. I wish Team 'Pastee' ? lots of luck for next week.

                                • Comment number 15.

                                  Love her accent, true northerner! Think they will be one to look out for!

                                • Comment number 16.

                                  First time I watched this clip I'm afraid I was distracted by her big hair, her lipstick colour and her bust. The second time I watched it I was able to see the grace and the beautiful hand movement. The dancing is looking good so far. I have high hopes for Chelsee and her lovely bubbly personality and can't wait to see her perform... 6 days to go! (big smile - but I don't know how to type one). I just hope that her stage make up isn't over the top. She is pretty all on her own, and doesn't need heavy make up and big hair.

                                • Comment number 17.

                                  See on one of blogs Chelsee has said how very tired she is with a heavy schedule during the day working on Waterloo Road - then rehearses each evening for Strictly, the celebs who are not 'working' must have a huge advantage over the others, especially when they have to start rehearsing a new dance every week. They must understand this when they sign up for SCD of course, but I don't think they realize how tough it is especially if they haven't danced much before. Hopefully as Chelsee's fitness improves things will get a bit easier for her. Alex Jones is said to be having the same problem.

                                • Comment number 18.

                                  If you want to see the latest of Chelsee and Pasha dancing they are appearing at the end of the latest Blue Peter programme on BBC i-player - and are looking great.

                                • Comment number 19.

                                  Thanx Flatfeet. That's great. They're looking good :):)

                                • Comment number 20.

                                  Like this couple, too.

                                • Comment number 21.

                                  The more I see of Chelsee and Pasha the more I like them - She has toned down her initial look and the darker hair looks great on her. Only seen them dance ballroom so far but she's graceful, holds herself well and is light on her feet - I should imagine their latin dancing could turn out to be hot....

                                  Go Team Pastee

                                • Comment number 22.

                                  I think this could be very exciting for Chelsee. We got the feeling when we saw her at the launch show that she had some rhythym and Pashas comments have backed that up but it looks like she is an all rounder as her ballroom looked quite promising. Just a little concerned that she is regularly tired.

                                • Comment number 23.

                                  I should have added that if they want a team name I would like to call them Team Chelsha


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