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EXCLUSIVE: Training Video - Alex Jones and James Jordan

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BBC Strictly Suzy | 12:00 UK time, Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Let's kick off the afternoon with an EXCLUSIVE rehearsal clip! Our dancing couple today are Alex Jones and James Jordan.

These two were thrilled to be paired together at the launch show, and since then they have been hitting the training room in preparation for their first live dance on Friday 30th September.

How do you think Alex and James are getting on?

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                                        • Comment number 1.

                                          Once again whoever paired the Strictly couples together this year appears to have done another brilliant job with Alex and James. If you can't laugh at yourself then forget about dancing with James - Alex appears to have a broad back and doesn't take herself too seriously. She just needs to work hard they are going to do well. Not much to comment on re the dancing, but with a week to go - hopefully as long as 'Bambi' listens to James, they should be fine.......

                                        • Comment number 2.

                                          I'm glad Alex isn't taking James too seriously. He has to be one of my least favourite pros.
                                          Not sure about the dancing..... ;):)

                                        • Comment number 3.

                                          This comment is a web exclusive -

                                          Not much dancing to see. So can't really tell how she is doing.

                                        • Comment number 4.

                                          Nice hands. I suppose I could multiply that hypothesis and guess it'll be ok on the night? Thunderbirds are GO

                                        • Comment number 5.

                                          Not sure Alex has that natural feel for how her body looks when she moves. However, her attitude is great (not sure I would be able to laugh at myself if James called me 'Bambi on Stilts') and the clips we've seen show her listening to him and trying to make sense of what he's teaching her. Could be this season's big improver?

                                        • Comment number 6.

                                          Latin is a problem for quite a few celebs. Whether or not that will be the case when Alex takes to the dancefloor or not is another matter. I hope they call themselves Team JoJo or Jo2

                                        • Comment number 7.

                                          Mmmmmm confidence issues maybe. James has to watch his gentle micky taking doesn't have a negative effect. He is trying to needle her to remember things to correct, but it just appears to me it's getting under he skin a little bit (although she wouldn't admit to it). I think James needs to look at this little bit of Video and I think he'll see what I mean. Alex probably can respond to that kind of prodding later, but right now I think it's knocking her back a tiny bit.

                                        • Comment number 8.

                                          that is an awesome video by Alex Jones and James Jordan and i liked James Jorden style of training.

                                          Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N.


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