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You just haven't earned it yet, baby

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The Mole | 18:11 UK time, Tuesday, 2 June 2009

chris_singing.jpgAs many of you will have noticed, there was a moment in last night's programme (around 23 minutes and 30 seconds in) when Chris said something which left Kate absolutely speechless - perhaps a first on Springwatch! In fact, it was so untypical that even the Guardian picked up on it. So what was it that so flabbergasted our seasoned presenter?

It all kicked off after the last blackbird chick left the nest, despite Chris having said he was prepared to bet that they might still be there after the weekend:

Chris: Now I've go to say, I'm humble in defeat - if you'll excuse the pun. But here's the score on the fledging at the moment.

At this point Chris handed Kate a card with a number 2 on it and kept a zero for himself.

Chris: What does Chris know about fledging? A big zero. What does Kate know about fledging? Two.

Kate: Now I know you said you're not a betting man but I think you should put your hand in your pocket.

Chris: You just haven't earned it yet, baby...

So what exactly was going on?!

Well, do you remember my blog yesterday called "One for the musos out there" in which I said that Chris was having fun slipping song titles into each programme? You do? Good. Because he was at it again last night... but as usual he hadn't told Kate.

"What I had told Kate," says Chris, "was that it would be great if she could ask me to 'pay up' for losing the bet. Which she did. But not in those exact words... which is why it all went a bit weird!"

So that's the story behind Kate's speechlessness but what's the story behind the song titles?

"A friend of mine - probably my only friend - bet me I couldn't get a song title into every programme. Of course I took him up on the bet but wasn't sure which band to focus on. The Clash would be too early for many viewers as I thought we needed a band who were big in the Eighties. That's when I settled on The Smiths."

Congratulations to those of you who spotted what he was doing! There were a very clever few of you who noticed him say:

'Hand in glove' in the 1st episode
'What difference does it make' in the 2nd episode
'Handsome devil' in the 3rd episode
'Frankly Mr Shankly' in the 4th episode.
And of course 'you just haven't earned it yet, baby' was in the show last night.

So the question is, which of the Smith's songs do you reckon Chris will namecheck in future epsiode's? And in what context? Check out the comments on yesterday's blog for some excellent suggestions.


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