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Springwatchers Anonymous

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The Mole | 13:46 UK time, Saturday, 30 May 2009

Well, that was a worrying morning for many of you, wasn't it?!

Here's what happened. Somewhere around 9:30am the main Springwatch generator went down. This in turn closed down the camera feeds as well as the ability of the story-developers to switch between cameras. The streams, however, kept going because they are on a battery back up. And that, my friends, is why you saw nothing but blank screens for an uncomfortably long time.

As far as I know, none of you did anything drastic like throw away your computers, threaten your broadband providers with violence, or drive down to the Springwatch site and attempt to fix the generator yourself. But it was touch and go there for a while...

Edwardsre was one of the first people on the Springwatch Webcams Messageboard to comment: "Any1 else got blank screens on the webcams?" she asked. For a while there were just a few very English 'me toos' in reply. Then blackbirdgirl12 broke down and screamed: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly it was like a meeting of Springwatchers Anonymous:

kate1dog0: "Everythings gone off! Help!!"
craftykron: "And me! Don't fledge yet!"
TazzieYorks: "Put another shilling in the meter!!"

It wasn't long before Springwatch addicts everywhere were beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms, and someone calling themselves Webcamjunkie was finding it just as hard to move away from the blank screens as from the live screens. Shillyshaldon couldn't agree more: "Still blank; still can't move; still hungry; still not moving..."

Caifer acknowledged that he had to kick his "webcam habit" but couldn't face going "cold turkey" quite so soon. Sadly, it was obviously too late for some. "Has anyone seen the blackbird webcam?" asked Webcamjunkie. "It looks like an explosion at a paint factory!" Poor old Webcamjunkie, obviously beginning to hallucinate...

While those with the worst addiction tried to keep their sanity, others debated what could possibly have gone wrong.

"Maybe," suggested Waramilike, "the rats got fed up with the otters getting top billing on the otter bridge cam and chewed through the cables." But radiostone had another idea: She thought that the fault was caused by "fog in the cogs"...

Meanwhile Astrobillygoat tried to look on the bright side: "At least we can take a quick shower/eat/feed our children/feed our pets blah blah blah and not feel guilty!!!!!!!!!!"

Unfortunately highlandhobbit took Astrobillygoat's advice ... and paid the price: "So, the shower was ok, but can I suggest to all the men out there - DO NOT shave in a hurry so that you can get back to the webcams. My face is now covered in bits of loo roll!! I knew I should have just kept that 'designer stubble' look today! Springwatch....I have given blood for you!!"

Now that's what I call dedication...


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