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Sofa recipes for Kate

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The Mole | 16:46 UK time, Friday, 29 May 2009

sofa.JPGAs Springwatch goes quiet on Fridays, I've spent some of the afternoon scanning the Messageboards. Now as I'm sure most of you will remember, Kate promised to eat The Sofa if Simon found and filmed a real live polecat in Wales. As Simon has a host of hi-tech equipment at his disposal and has had a couple of close calls, many people on the Messageboards seem to feel that Kate should probably be sharpening her teeth in anticipation...

In a thread entitled "How should the sofa be prepared for Kate's dinner?" LGNutter suggests that The Sofa should be shredded like lettuce and served with a nice French dressing and a side order of potato wedges.

But Barney thinks it's a little unkind to make her eat it raw and recommends a cooked alternative. Barney suggests "a marinade of spices in some oil, then roast gently at 170 degrees for about 2 hours. Leave to stand for a while. Then thinly slice, serve with a sauce made from some of the marinade, new potatoes and greens of her choice. I think a nice glass of red would go nicely with the roast too." Why do I get the feeling that Barney has used this recipe before...?

GoneOddie, however, is obviously a film buff and is a bit more specific about the wine, suggesting a good bottle of Chianti in the "manner of Hannibal Lecter." Which is nice.

But Mouserelli thinks that Kate needn't worry: "I think what he's been seeing is a finger puppet wielded by Fat Cat cos he knows that they'll keep putting food out..."

I'm with Mouserelli. Cats are surprisingly clever animals...

Sofa so good, but don't stop there. Get out your recipe books, put on your chef's hat, and throw in some more culinary crackers!


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