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The final countdown has begun

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 17:14 UK time, Thursday, 12 June 2008

The countdown to the final live Springwatch has begun - in just four hours it will all be over. It's a very strange feeling, having lived and breathed this experience for months, suddenly the end seems perilously near.

There's a unique atmosphere in the production village today. Everyone is very excited about the last show (and the last one is always quite a "show", rather than just a "TV programme"). People are buzzing about and there's laughter everywhere. It has even been quite sunny today too.

Bill and Kate are preparing their pieces for a show that is sure to tear along at a furious pace tonight. Researchers are putting the final touches to our Springwatch 2008 awards (we're calling them "Springys"), due to be rolled out tonight. I can hear fanfares being rehearsed from the production control room gallery and there's a debate raging about where in north Norfolk one might buy awards-style gold envelopes.

The wildlife is continuing to deliver - believe it or not, we'll be catching up on the latest news - swallows, dunnocks and otters have all made the headlines today.

Meanwhile, the de-rig has already begun. Anything that isn't needed for tonight is being unplugged and packed up around us. This is the start of a very long process, with literally tens of miles of fibre-optic cable, switching boxes, cameras, monitors, power units and the rest all being carefully packed up without disturbing our animal stars. On Springwatch we like to "leave no trace". This whole process will take nearly a week, and then our wonderful hosts at Pensthorpe (both animal and human) will get their world back again.

Tonight, the Springwatch family will be having a drink or few together, raising a glass to another season of Springwatch, courtesy of the UK's wonderful wildlife and the amazing show it puts on for all of us every spring.

Thank you for joining us on the most unscripted, interactive story in broadcasting. We hope you've enjoyed the ride. We love making this show, and we love it that you join in too.

Hope you enjoy our Springwatch Specials next week. And please look after our amazing wildlife for us until we see you again for Autumnwatch on Monday 27th October.


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