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Hot foots and flying visits

Amanda Farnsworth | 12:14 UK time, Wednesday, 19 November 2008

As I write it's 1346 days to go before the London Olympics.

Does that sound like a lot or a little to you?

On Monday's Inside Sport, we're interviewing Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee. It's the only interview he's giving while he visits London. He'll be in town to attend a meeting where those who ran the Beijing Olympics pass on their hard earned knowledge to the organisers of London 2012, who've already stepped up a gear since the 2008 Games ended.

We'll be hot-footing it down to the central London hotel where it's all happening in the afternoon. Usually on Inside Sport, we have done our big interviews a few days in advance, but this time it's going to be a fast turnaround.

We're taking two cameras, one on Gabby, one on the President, because it will make the editing process back at TV centre a little quicker. We're hoping Lord Coe, who heads London's organising committee will also stop by and answer a few questions.

So are you already excited about the Games coming to London? What aspects of the Games would you like to hear the IOC president talk about? Let me know!


  • Comment number 1.

    Sounds interesting. Now, if only it was on BBC Scotland so I could see it...

  • Comment number 2.

    I would like Gabby to ask Jacques Rogge about if he believes that the Olympic spirit or Olympic Dream has been damaged by all of the controversy surrounding China hosting the Olympics.
    But it sounds interesting that Rogge is giving the BBC the time to do it.
    Shame he couldnt be tempted to BBC TV Centre for a Studio Interview where the viewers could e-mail throughpout the weekend what they would like to ask.
    I wonder if he would be asked if he believes that the economic crisis will see budgets for future Games maybe cut.
    I will be watching!

  • Comment number 3.

    You could ask him if he's been back to China since the Olympics and whether he believes it's left any lasting change in the country. And whether politics dictated the Games more than he would have liked - was it too overregimented and impersonal? He looked very uncomfortable at the use of military in the opening ceremony...

    Also I'd be interested to hear what he thinks the chances are of more cycling events for women in 2012.

    By the way, what's happened to the Rebecca Romero interview that was due to be on the last show (17th)? It was advertised during coverage of the cycling from Manchester a few weeks ago but it hasn't been on (though I missed the first 5 mins of this show - was it then?)

  • Comment number 4.

    The Rebecca Romero feature is now running on Monday 24th November. Sorry for any confusion. Harry (Inside Sport)

  • Comment number 5.

    Do he think the Olympics will soon have to be staged in one city because of the high total of debts each city that hoasts these games seem to get into?

    I hope the man is a bit more cheery and positive in appearence than when I saw the Opening ceremony.

    Seen happier looking people at funerals!

  • Comment number 6.

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  • Comment number 7.

    Good show last night Amanda. The interview with Romero was brilliant and the IOC President was interesting too.

    Do wonder what you have done to upset the BBC1 schedulars to be put on after a Question of Sport REPEAT though! It takes some loyalty to IS to sit through that after a busy weekend and start to the week!

  • Comment number 8.

    How can a 'live' sport programme on a Monday night called 'Inside Sport' not talk about:-
    England thrashed at Twickenham with golden boy danny cipriani dreadful and news of him being dropped for the following week announced before the show was on.
    Ricky Hatton's successful return. Amazing as yesterday I read your man Des Kelly's newspaper article saying he was with Hatton in Vegas.
    On the boxing theme. Lennox Lewis announced earlier to BBC's Garry Richardson that he wouldn't return to the ring.
    Arsenal lose again with Wenger under pressure.

    Instead we have a couple of interviews... as ever ... that seem to have been made weeks ago with no current value.

    So, how can a 'live' sports show called 'Inside Sport' be seemingly pre-scripted before we even hit a weekend's action???

  • Comment number 9.

    1346 days is just a number. It only becomes interesting when you factor in the 'days to completion' column on the Project Manager's plan for each of the stadia.

    Hopefully the number in that column is considerably less than 1346, because we seem to have a consistency in projects being delayed.

    I can't wait for the 2013 London Olympics!

  • Comment number 10.

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