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We'd like your feedback

Amanda Farnsworth | 13:24 UK time, Wednesday, 29 October 2008

We're four editions into this run of Inside Sport and I wondered what you thought of some of the changes we have introduced for this set of programmes?

The first big change was to widen the make-up of the panel in the studio by bringing in different BBC commentators and experts like Brian Moore and David Croft.

We've also done a couple of programmes with a single theme - our second show was an Olympic special and the third show in the run was all football.

We've still managed to cover a pretty broad range of sports so far (rugby union, football, athletics, cycling, swimming, F1 and boxing).

So let me know your thoughts.


  • Comment number 1.

    First of all, the show needs to be longer, I understand that may be out of your control but at the moment it is too short and so everything seems rushed to me. Again, it also needs to be on at an earlier time, either BBC One does want this programme or it does not. Hiding it away at such a late time is just stupid. I know it is repeated on BBC News and there is the i-player but itdoesn't feel the same as when the show is originally on.

    I fear the late time slot of the show is because of low audience figures (I don't actually know how well Inside SPort does with viewing figures) but I have a crazy idea that the late time slot of the show might just contribute towards less viewers.

    I think using more people in the studio is better, especially since the same 3 people being used all the time had become a bit too repetitive. I do like Des, Steve and Tony though so please do keep using them as the "main" pundits.

    I would also like to see more of the features where you look at unknown/unusual sports instead of just pure straight forward interviews with the big stars. I enjoy and remember Tony Livesey trying sumo wrestling more than repetitive, ordinary interviews with a football manager or something. Saying that I did enjoy the interview with Phil Brown and I wouldn't want to see the interviews scrapped.

    I also want to raise another issue, I remember either yourself or someone else associated with Inside Sport saying they want to be careful and make sure it doesn't become all about football. Football is my main sport but there is enough shows on TV that focus on the sport and thats why I like the idea of Inside Sport focusing on others and promoting the minority sports. However, it seems to me that more and more of the limited time is being used up with football. That might just be my imagination but watch out as I don't think any member of the public is looking for yet another football programme.

    I enjoy Inside Sport but it seems some people at the BBC are intent on ruining it with late time slots, short durations etc....

  • Comment number 2.

    Agree with the above commenter that the show is too short. The time slot does not particularly bother me, but it seems it has been moved to a later slot than the last series and has also been cut down in time.

    30 minutes is simply not enough just as 40 minutes were not enough in the last series. I hope this has not been done solely for the benefits of BBC News/World when they re-run the show because it should primarily be for BBC One. 30 minutes makes it more a magazine show than an analytical and thinking sports programme.

    Changing the pundits is a good idea but I also like the 3 main ones of Des, Steve and Tony - so try to include them most weeks if possible.

    How about some further reporting by Mihir Bose or a report on football in South America by Tim Vickery?

  • Comment number 3.

    Why wasn't this week's episode shown in Scotland?

  • Comment number 4.

    I'm gald you have blogged again Amanda because I have been waiting to have my say. Must say it has been excellent new series. The long interviews are the best on tv and show different sides to people I may not ordinarily be interested in. However, I must agree that 30 minutes is too short. 40 was about right but 50 would be perfect. You could then fit the 2 main stories in plus the extra bits featured on previous series. Like Tony doing Sumo as mentioned above. A 10:35 slot would be perfect (how Morgan gets ahead of inside sport lord alone knows!) but I will take 11:30 if someone reading this can give it a longer slot!

  • Comment number 5.

    Once again I'm thoroughly enjoying the latest 'series' of Inside Sport - so well done to all those involved.

    To add to the 'duration issue' - whilst the quality of the show per se hasn't been adversely affected it does feel sometimes that the in-studio discussions become rushed to accommodate the shorter length. Whilst I'd happily take 30 minutes over nothing at all when it comes to Inside Sport, as a regular viewer I'd of course prefer the 40minutes as I believe it allows for the right balance and pacing for everything you are trying to achieve.

    The decision to bring in 'experts' each week has been a great one. Looking back this is probably something that has been lacking in previous series - that opinion of someone who solely focuses their work on the particular sport in question to compliment Buncy/Des/Tony's broader outlook on sports. Who else do you have lined up for the next few shows?

    The Olympics-themed episode worked well as it obviously appropriate at the time and the same goes for the football episode because like it or not football is a huge sport in this country and there are always issues around that really should be covered by this type of show. Although I would say keeping a balance, like you have been so far, between mixed shows and sole-focus shows works best rather than having a sole-focus each week.

    Inside Sport should be (and I hope it is) seen by the BBC as a key sport program because you really are offering a show that none of its competitors cover - an in-depth show that looks at a lot of sports and important issues and sport coverage on television would be lacking without Inside's presence.

    Just to finish off with a few things I'd be quite interested in seeing in the future...Gabby interviewing Laura Robson (to see how she feels her start to pro tennis has kicked off, her aims, life after Wimbledon and that press attention that came with it).

    Also, although we've just had our fill of Formula One this week so its one for the future/to coincide with the BBC taking over coverage - a look at the future of F1 - a lot of changes are still occurring and there is always some sort of unrest - I'm sure Mr Eccleston is never short of a word or perhaps Mr Brundle (who I'm hoping the BBC will be employing shortly!).

    And to finally put an end to my ramblings, how many more shows do we have in this latest 'run' and what are the ideas being floated around for which sports/issues to be covered?

  • Comment number 6.

    Yeah I agree with most of what has been said so far. It has so far again been an excellent series of Inside Sport.

    The biggest problem is the shorter running time, can I ask why this is? I could understand if the show had been given an earlier slot then it might need to truncate to accomodate it and that could be accepted. But it is very dissapointing for the show to be truncated and still be in the late night slot.

    I think 40 minutes is the perfect length - 30 minutes is just too rushed. I would love an earlier slot though, its a really good show, it deserves 10.35pm.

    The decision to use some of the BBC's sports experts is a great one. As others have said still keep using Des/Tony/Buncey as the main men but complimenting them with others is an excellent idea.

    I quite like the idea of themed shows as long as they are not too often. Perhaps it could be a theme covering a few sports rather than just one sport.

    However I think a 6 Nations special the Monday before it starts as a preview would be a great idea.

    The only thing that seems to be missing is the investigation type reports - the stuff James Pearce was doing.

    I agree with Michael, Laura Robson would be a good idea for an interview and would be interested if you could let us know any of the plans for the rest of the current series?

  • Comment number 7.

    I honestly didn't know that Inside Sport had started again, and it's been on for a few weeks? If you want to plug minority sports in the hope that their audience will increase, surely the best thing to do is to put Inside Sport on at a decent time when more people will be watching.

    In response to the comments about football shows, the fact that so many people watch Sky Sports and Satanta because of the amount of football on them suggests that perhaps there isn't enough on the public service channels.

  • Comment number 8.

    My only critisism of this great show is the ridiculously late time slot it has got! I start watching and always miss most of it through nodding off! The show is missing many younger viewers too (my 14 year old son for one) who is in bed by this time. I know there is i-player but there's never enough time to catch up. Come on BBC give the show a chance - viewing figures would grow substantially if the programme was on earlier

  • Comment number 9.

    I was under the impression that my licence fee was paid to the British Broadcasting Corporation which although broadcasts regional programmes doesn't exclude me as a Scottish viewer a chance to view a programme like Inside Sport.
    Last week it was broadcast in the small hours of Tuesday morning, this week i couldn't even see it in the schedule for BBC Scotland.Is there any reason for this? If any programme needed to be moved it was one with the Self publicist egomaniac Piers Morgan and a Celebrity Big Brother contestant that, no disrespect to her, doesn't even register with most people. Thats the type of public service broadcast i could do without.

  • Comment number 10.

    Agree with many of the above - the show does feel rushed, though this may have more to do with its designated late slot than the acutal duration of the programme.

    However, I do think the focus on a particular sport has worked well and the variety of experts is also an improvement.

  • Comment number 11.

    I too would like to see Inside Sport on earlier, I didn't know it had started again due to the late starting time, and to hear is is shorter is most disappointing.

    It is good to get the "Inside" view of sports, and I don't believe it matters which sport is covered provided we are getting an alternative view and a deep discussion (which in my opinion is not possible in 30mins).

  • Comment number 12.

    The scheduling of the programme in Scotland has been terrible this year. In Scotland we've got Sportscene showing highlights of the SPL at 10.35 which I enjoy and it would be great if Inside Sport were scheduled after this instead of piers Morgan's programme.

    I've been used to viewing Inside Sport later than viewers in England but this year viewing times have varied substantially. Last week the programme was not on at all and the week before BBC Scotland decided to show a film after Piers Morgan's programme which meant inside Sport was not on till 1.20am meaning i missed it. Although scheduling is out of your hands it still needs to be addressed.

    Why is there no longer a repeat on Saturday lunchtimes on BBC 2 like there have been in previous series of Inside Sport.

    On the plus side, really enjoyed the Chris Hoy interview.

  • Comment number 13.

    The reasons why you shouldn't have an episode of Inside Sport all about football is simple: Football Focus.

    The idea of the programme is good. It can address controversial issues and other things quite well and also offer journalistic views and show lesser followed sports very well at times.

    The major problem is the scheduling and length of the programme. If this continues then I can see Inside Sport ending soon for good. The times I have watched it its been good but most of the time I don't watch it because of its time slot.

  • Comment number 14.

    You could be making the best sports programme in the world ever, but in it's current slot it's never going to matter.

    At the very least the pointless filler beforehand at 10.35pm should be dropped, but an alternative would be perhaps a 7.30pm slot. It is desperate for a more prominent slot - and it's no good you just blaming it on scheduling. You need to be fighting harder to get that slot - I believe there's a whole in the schedules on Friday night through to January!

    Finally - the odd special is fine, but I see no need at all for football specials, an area more than covered by Football Focus, MOTD, MOTD2 and 5 Live.

  • Comment number 15.

    I have given up on watching Inside Sport because the scheduling is terrible, the time its on is horrible.
    Theres too much talk, not much covered so its a horrible show for the BBC Sport department.
    I think the show should move from its terrbile poistion from Monday to Fridays with Ross's programme suspended untill February.
    Also more Sporting action, more look into the past, I bet the BBC Archives are full of past sporting action.
    How about 'this moment in time' looking back at a historic sporting event a few years ago that week/month.
    On Friday, you can say whats been covered on the Beeb (Preview Football, Cricket, Rugger, Motorsport, Horse Racing, Golf etc)
    Also new titles and music...the current ones are horrible!

  • Comment number 16.

    Should put it on at 7:30pm on BBC One

  • Comment number 17.

    Its a shame about the timing because there are good interviews with people we don't hear from often and the pundits seem fair minded and give decent opinoins.

    Trouble is I suppose if you move something liek this to a Primetime slot all those anti-sport people will come and start complaining!

  • Comment number 18.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 19.

    Why is the BBC so hostile to athletics? Looking at today's website, Paula Radcliffe is given equal prominence to a football match involving Herts. Lewis Hamilton is certainly impressive, but nothing he has achieved so far matches up to her world record, or the extraordinary nature of her recent comeback.
    I imagine the BBC will come over all patriotic about track and field in the fortnight leading up to the 2012 Olympics. And then we'll all be wondering why other sports do better...

  • Comment number 20.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 21.

    Once again Inside Sport will not be shown tonight in Scotland.Disgrace.

  • Comment number 22.

    As ever , some very useful and interesting comments from you. Glad to see the use of other BBC talent in their areas of sporting expertise has gone down well, and in the main you like one subject specials as long as they're not too often.

    Also as ever, the timeslot is a big concern - and I'm afraid I have to say what I've said before, the scheduling of the show is not in my gift! I must say though, audience figures have been building this run despite the transmission time - a million for the last show which is encouraging. We will be going a bit earlier after tonight too - 2305 will be the start time so I hope that's good news for the viewer who nods off!

    The 30 minute duration provoked some interestng comments - I actually quite like the way the show feels at 30 minutes but I see some of you feel it now feels too rushed. We're still experimenting so we will keep those comments in mind.

    I can answer a few specific questions - what other BBC talent do you have lined up for the next few shows? Well tonight Jonathon Pearce makes a return along with Jonathan Legard. Next week, Brian Moore is back. I'm hoping JP will return again before the end of the run - which , to answer another question ,is on December 15th. What other issues might we cover? We're looking at the psychology of sport and also a follow up on drugs by Matt Pinsent.

    On Scotland - again it's not something I know much about but I shall endeavour to find out about the scheduling for you.

    Cheers and thanks again.

  • Comment number 23.

    Recently, whilst abroad, I watched ‘match of the day style’ football highlights on Eurosport, they, by leaving the elapse time displayed on the screen, added a further dynamic dimension to the match recording, particularly during the closing stages. But even the time stepping from one period to the next gave a better insight into the balance of play. Please, BBC, try it out for a few weeks to assess its merit.

  • Comment number 24.

    This just in from the Sceduling Manager in Scotland.

    I'm afraid we're not showing Inside Sport at all now - it would have made our Monday evening very football/sports orientated and we'd get probably more complaints about that than not showing Inside Sport. Our Monday night programme isn’t just the SPL goals, it's also a look back over the weekend and chat about what's happening in the headlines - it's a live, reactive programme.

    Inside Sport is available to viewers via the iPlayer and is repeated at various times on the News channel as well as a late night/early morning repeat on BBC Two.

    That said, when there's no Sportscene on in Scotland we do intend to take Inside Sport.

  • Comment number 25.

    Thank you #23 for raising an issue I have raised before but never got an answer to ... although it isn't strictly on-topic for this forum.

    I too think football highlights should leave the elapsed time in place, otherwise it is practically impossible to know where you are in the game unless the commentator makes reference to it.

    I think it was the highlights of the recent England-Croatia qualifier on Setanta that kept the clock in place, and it made a huge difference.

  • Comment number 26.

    I have just been onto the I-Player and last night's edition of Inside Sport is not available and I have never found an episode of it on the i-player. Why is this?

  • Comment number 27.

    To #23 and #25 - it has been discussed before, in awful and useless depth - see here:

    I don't know why some football supporters need a clock in the corner - most of the excitement comes in the fact that you don't know when a goal or other major incident will come, esp. so if you know all the results before MOTD starts as most do. A clock is completely unnecessary and a complete waste of the production team's time.

  • Comment number 28.

    tenaciousnerdfly, I think the latest version of insidesport comes out on I-player after it has been shown on BBC news channel. I think this is Friday.

    This does seem a little silly as it contains some commentary that becomes a little old quite quickly (such as the headlines review) and especially as it is now unavailable in Scotland.

    The last version is here not sure why you couldnt find it, just search for inside sport and it will appear!

    dcacooper, Genfly, I completly agree, I presume that in the past it was so people could complain that only a little of their team was shown (becomes even more obvious with the clock). But now each team gets the same time it seems a little outdated.

    Amanda - Inside sport was not on at 23:05 last night, maybe it wasnt your fault if the time changed, but its a little annoying to sit turn on a program that hadnt started.

    Is it possible to get some feedback from the England (and wales?) scheduler(s) as you did from the Scotland so that we can see the reasoning behind it not being put on straight after the news (or even repeated on the red button the next day)?

    Also, with Scotland, why not just put it on another night?

    I think last nights episode was excellent, but I would echo what had been said previously about it being a little short. It did feel last night that some of the conversations were stopped just as they got going.

  • Comment number 29.

    Would be nice to get a chance to watch it.

    Any chance of putting at least a repeat on Sunday AM instead of one of the cooking programmes.

    Or perhaps it's to much to ask that a tad less of my licence fee be spent on pro-celeb mincing every day of the week ?

  • Comment number 30.

    Thanks for the informative reply mike-duke, do you work for the BBC?

  • Comment number 31.

    I would probably actually watch Inside Sport, if I could be convinced that it shouldn't be called Inside Football...

  • Comment number 32.

    I have looked through your line up of rugby union coverage for the autumn tests and it appears that none of the England games will be broadcast live on BBC television. However, all the other home nations' games (Scotland, Ireland and Wales) will be broadcast live on BBC TV. As an Englishman and one who enjoys watching England rugby union internationals, I feel a bit hard done by that the BBC cannot broadcast live, any of the English autumn internationals on TV. I realise that live coverage of the England games will be available on BBC Radio Five Live, but its no substitute compared to seeing the action take place.


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