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Why blogging is key to BBC Sport

Roger Mosey | 13:25 UK time, Thursday, 29 November 2007

Speeches seem to be a bit like buses. There isn't one for ages and then two come along at once. So I started today with a speech at the Broadcast Sports Forum, and this evening there's another one at an event in central London.

You can read the Broadcast speech here:

In the Q&A session afterwards, I was asked, among other things, whether the BBC was comfortable with engaging with the world of message boards and blogs: wasn't this awkward for traditional broadcasters?

BBC Sport 606 front page

The answer is straightforward: we're proud of what we're doing already in being more open and accountable, and we believe this is an era in which our audiences have more choice and more power. That's a good thing.

The only qualification for that is that we use a range of techniques to find out what our audiences want. There are the headline ratings for our TV and radio programmes, along with the number of views of each web page.

We research how much people actually like the programmes and services as well as the fact they've used them. We read the letters and emails we get each day.

We ask chosen small groups of people round the country to give us in-depth feedback - so-called "qualitative" research.

We also have this blog and our message boards to supplement all the above. And as usual I'll do my best to respond to comments and questions.

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