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What are your best bits on Inside Sport?

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Amanda Farnsworth | 12:51 UK time, Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Thanks again for your e-mails.

Many of you said how much you enjoyed the Justine Henin interview and I must say it's probably my favourite interview of the entire series because it was such a surprise to be given so much time with her, and for her to be so very honest about her life.

She came across as a very genuine and thoughtful woman who has been through a lot of difficulties in her life and has now come to terms with it all.

We commissioned a survey this week of fans opinions about England and Steve McClaren - we've never done this before and I think we'll only do surveys on very few occasions - what do you think?

England Manager Steve McClaren has a laugh with his assistant Terry Venables prior to the match against Austria

I thought the results were surprising and interesting, from reading the press in particular, but also remembering the way the England team was booed at the Andorra match.

I suppose I assumed fans would be less supportive of the England manager than they turned out to be, but that was the point of the survey of course - to find out what the facts were.

When I discussed the results with our guests in advance, they too were surprised. I think it's a good point to remember - a bandwagon may have begun in the media, but that bandwagon may not reflect the majority view across the country.

Finally can I encourage you all to e-mail us with your best bits! We want to know which bits of Inside Sport over the last year you've enjoyed most and we'll run clips of the most popular on our final show on 3 December.

At the moment - Steve Bunce on Hatton v Mayweather is out in front, followed by Dwain Chambers, Mark Ramprakash, Gordon Strachan, Luol Deng, James Toseland, Kevin Keegan, and UFC.

Another of my favourites is when Gabby met Ricky Hatton - what's yours? If your best bit isn't amongst this little lot, then please e-mail us your vote.

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