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From cricket and boxing to Celtic's Strachan

Amanda Farnsworth | 19:01 UK time, Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Inside Sport has received lots of e-mails from you this week - many centred around the Duncan Fletcher interview.

We were very pleased to get the first chance to put to him the criticism from many in cricket and elsewhere about whether he should have revealed the secrets of the dressing room, and why he didn't deal with Andrew Flintoff at the time.

Lots of you felt he was cashing in and needed to write something that would sell a book, but others were more sympathetic.

This coming week we are interviewing Celtic manager Gordon Strachan - are there any questions you think need asking? Please let us know by e-mailing us through our website.

Inside Sport's next guest, Celtic manager Gordon Strachan during a press conference

There were a couple of disappointed comments from viewers, as we didn't mention the excellent victory by Joe Calzaghe on the programme.

Regular viewers will have seen Steve Bunce's great film the previous week where he got really up close and personal wth Joe.

You can also see the BBC re-screen the fight at the weekend (I knew this on Monday and would love to have mentioned it on Inside Sport, but had been sworn to secrecy, as it wasn't publicly announced until Tuesday).

We didn't feature the Calzaghe victory because we aren't a version of a daily sports news service. We don't and can't mention every sports story from the week on the programme. We have to pick and choose what we do.

Having devoted a large part of the programme to Joe the previous week, I think it's hard to level a charge of "undercoverage" at the programme.

Anyway, keep the e-mails coming.

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