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Bunce, Bose and Ultimate Fighting

Amanda Farnsworth | 17:53 UK time, Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hello again, everybody.

Thanks for all your comments, questions and the like this week. Some good points raised on Lewis, plastic pitches, more rugby league, and Ultimate Fighting. Don't forget, we publish a selction of them over here.

And for those asking about how sports news stories work across all media at the BBC (including Inside Sport and this website), Roger Mosey's latest blog covers just that!

Again calls for Mihir Bose to be on - I shall call him now!

I'm afraid I can't agree, as one viewer wrote, that no important questions were raised in our F1 discussion. Will the Alonso/Hamilton rivalry spill over into danger on the track? Has the F1 spying scandal damaged the sport? If McLaren win the title will it be tainted? These are all important questions.


For all of you who liked our UFC feature, indeed Mr Bunce was very happy to do the piece but I'm afraid it wasn't his idea in the first place but one of our producers, so no need to "keep him happy" as someone suggests.

One viewer didn't think much of John Inverdale's take on the Rugby World Cup. As you know, we have no rights to the footgage of the matches so we have to be a bit creative in how we deal with the RWC. I think John's postcards have been excellent - sometimes they've been more complex in their arguments, about the way the RWC is run or about the injury issue with supersized players, but this week I think it was a brilliant and honest commentary on how everyone had been ready to write the "Northen Hempisphere is rubbish" story and actually, as in all sport, there is always the chance of an upset and the sporting press ended up having to write the opposite story.

And about our piece on the transfer of Paul Cooke across Hull, just to say Tony Livesey is born and bred in the North and lives there; the producer of the piece lives in Yorkshire. The piece was over seven minutes long which is substantial in a magazine programme and we interviewed the chairman of both clubs at length in the piece as well as fans and Paul Cooke himself.

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