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Freddie and Christine on Inside Sport

Amanda Farnsworth | 16:21 UK time, Tuesday, 11 September 2007

It was a different kind of edition of Inside Sport this week. We had filmed an interesting interview with Andrew Flintoff before he flew off to South Africa to the World Twenty20 but we also secured an interview with Christine Ohuruogu a couple of days before the programme.

So we had two big interviews not just one. It's interesting to read some of the viewers' comments on the website - there were some who thought Christine came across very well but thought she should have simply had the drug testers into the family home and not worried about the disruption to her family if that's what it took to guarantee being there for the tests.

There were also some who thought we were too tough on her and others who wanted us to push her further. The same is true of the Flintoff interview - some thought we didn't ask all the questions we should have and others found it quite insightful.

For my part I think the interviews were really quite different - I felt we did push Christine strongly, asking her outright if she'd taken drugs, pushing her to pledge alliegance to Britain which she didn't, and pointing out it was entirely reasonable for some people to have suspicions given she had done so well so quickly after her ban.

I also think it's important when we interview people to give time enough to answer.

The Flintoff interview was a chance to see him off the field a bit and talking about his life, his career, and his family. He did make some news with his revealtion about never getting on the pedalo and the need for a constant lifetime rehab programme for his ankle and also his desire to captain England again one day. There was a lot of debate in your responses about that - as the team already has two captains, his chance may be some way off, but there's no doubt he lifts the team when he does play and surely that's at least part of what a captain needs.

Some of you have asked about the video podcast - the BBC's trial of these has come to an end and bods higher up than me are deciding how to go ahead with the project - watch this blog in the coming months for a decision. But meanwhile all the best bits are on the website.

Thanks again for your comments.

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