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A difficult balancing act

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Amanda Farnsworth | 15:44 UK time, Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Firstly, I have a confession and apology. Through my total failure to properly communicate with my team, we once again failed to wear seatbelts while doing an interview in the back of a car. I had uttered the immortal words: "This will never happen again," after the first time we did this, but I'm afraid it did. I am now as sure as I can be that we all know the law and will make sure it really doesn't happen again.

Now to the programme. As the weeks go on we are developing the format and the most interesting, and slightly unexpected, thing I've found is how hard it is to make sure there's a spread of sports in each programme. This is why I've always said we need to be judged over a number of programmes. But it is exceedingly difficult to make sure there isn't too much football, cricket, etc, in each show.

We are at the mercy of when sporting stars choose to make themselves available, and because we always ask for extra time and access, we have to go with when they can free themselves up.

I think the pace of the programme is better, less frenetic, but I'm still grappling with the ratio of news to features in the show. What do you think is the right balance?

One of the things I'm most pleased about is that we've broken so many stories, both through our interviews and our journalism, particularly by James Pearce and Mihir Bose.

And I've also been struck by the quality of the production - the camera operators, producers and editors - in the films and features we've done. They are always a great watch.

Anyway keep the feedback coming, I will do my best to answer the points you raise.

Thanks also to everyone who entered the grassroots sport competition. Hundreds of you sent in photos and it's a shame there was only one pair of tickets to give away.

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