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Amanda Farnsworth | 12:32 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Thanks again for all your comments on this week's Inside Sport. The Dwain Chambers piece has generated a good debate about drugs in sport amongst you all, with many agreeing with Tony Livesey that a ban should be for life.

Some of you picked up on what Tony said about the NFL - that it was a sport "nobody wants to watch in Germany". That was probably a touch strong - many thousands of people do go and watch the games each week but even the Sea Devils themselves would say they would like attendances to be much higher. Their average crowd is 18,000 in a stadium that holds 55,000. And of course the two UK teams that used to be in the League have closed.

Having lived in America for nearly four years I am personally a big fan of the game - the 49ers is my team - but for me somehow it isn’t the same trying to keep up with it in the UK but I remember how much I enjoyed it at the time.

Dwain Chambers is hoping to rebuild his sporting career in NFL Europe

There were a couple of comments about classing Lewis Hamilton as a "loser "- he has of course been a "winner" twice already in our 'Winners and Losers' section.

My rationale for putting him in the losers box - despite his amazing fifth podium in a row - was simply his own disappointment that came through so strongly in his press comments: "I was told to take it easy"; "I've got number two on my car and I'm the number two driver".

Of course now there is an FIA investigation, as we discussed on the show, as to whether team orders were issued by McLaren.

Maybe if we had a "raw deal" category in 'Winners and Losers', he would have been better placed in that.

There were also those of you who thought we had overlooked the Indy 500. In fact, Steve Bunce did talk about this on Sunday’s show, but of course I know most of you don't watch both Sunday and Monday. Because of the developing FIA story we just ran out of time on the Monday - apologies.

And finally, Bunce's bulge on Sunday’s show. It is true that Steve is a fine figure of a man but of course not all of you will want to be visually reminded of that. All I can say is that an appropriate strategy is now in place!

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