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Hatton and Chambers up next

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Amanda Farnsworth | 17:31 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I hope you enjoyed our exclusive interview with Sven-Goran Erikkson. It took a long time to secure, but it was worth the wait.

I have again had the odd comment about the amount of football on the show. I have replied to that before so do look back and you'll see the basic problem is that it's very hard to make sure there's a range of sports in EVERY programme because we are often at the mercy of top stars' schedules and have to interview them when they are free.

This often goes for features which depend on access - again we have to go when the participants can spare the time. So please do judge us over a number of programmes. In this short series we will have particularly featured football, tennis, cricket, boxing, Paralympics, athletics and American football on a Monday night. If you also watch the Sunday morning show, you will have seen MotoGP, equestrian, rugby union and others too - there may well be some golf this weekend.

Ricky Hatton (left) lands on uppercut on Juan Urango during their IBF and IBO light-welterweight fight in January

I've also noticed that there's one blogger who complains we don't realise that "your programme doesn't just go out in England". I'd just like to point out that Shirley Robertson comes from Dundee and Andy Murray from Dunblane. Another blogger writes that he'd like an in depth interview with a premiership referee - do watch on 4 June.

Now on to next week's programme - Monday, 28 May - we'll be featuring a great interview Gabby did with Ricky Hatton. She visited the world champion boxer at home with his family in Manchester. Do you know what his connection with Only Fools and Horses is? Watch the show to find out.

And we'll also have a report by Matthew Pinsent following Dwain Chambers as the former sprinter attempts to reinvent himself - after his ban for drug taking - as an American footballer in Germany. It's a really interesting piece.

As ever, keep the comments coming!

All the best,


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