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Amanda Farnsworth | 17:21 UK time, Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Hello again,

I last blogged three months ago when I asked what sorts of ideas you had for our new sports news programme and you responded in your hundreds. It was interesting that many of the ideas were things the team were already thinking about - interviews that aren’t just the usual puffs for a sportsman or sponsor; features that get behind the scenes and under the skin of sport a bit; a range of different sports - not just football - and last but not least, that the programme have a bit of fun given that it's on late at night.

You also suggested lots of different names for the show. Sadly, Locker Room didn’t make it but in fact the name was chosen by the audience. What happened was that we used the standing audience panel the BBC has called The Pulse to come up with their suggestions and, together with a bit of additional research we did for the programme, the overwhelming choice was for INSIDE SPORT – so that’s why we are called what we are.

We launch on Monday, 30 April, at 11pm on BBC1. We are also doing an updated Second Edition for BBC2 on Sunday mornings at 1130am. There’s also a version going out on our global channel BBC World, and of course, for the techies out there, a Vodcast available on the website.

There’s simply no escape!

I've launched a couple of programmes before so I know that the show is likely to evolve over the weeks and months and so it should. I hope it’ll become a must-watch for you – you can always record it if it's on too late! Do have a look at our page on the website as we’re keen to get your input to Inside Sport.

We will make some appeals for your photos, views and video for particular stories we are doing and also ask what questions you want us to ask the star interviews. And you’ll also be able to sign up for a weekly newsletter that will tell you what’s on the Monday programme in advance as well as a sneak preview from Gabby.

Our first programme run is for six weeks, but don't worry if your favourite sport does not feature this time round, as we are back in the autumn with a second, 14 week, run.

The Inside Sport webpages are now live - you can see a quite funny behind the scenes video of us trying to make a slick promotional trail, it shows you what really went on!

You've also started to send in Your Questions for Ricky Hatton and Owen Hargreaves - there are some very good ones already.

We won't be able to ask them all but the best will be used. If you have some for John Terry - now's the time to send them in too.

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