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Roger Mosey | 17:22 UK time, Monday, 1 January 2007

I'm not a keen shopper, so I'm proud to say that I haven't been in a single store for the January sales. But reports from the battlefront say that flat-screen TVs have been big sellers, and more and more people have TV sets that are labelled HD-ready. You may have spotted the Royle Family now have one too, though they're venturing into a complicated world.

So High Definition is growing, but so far it's seized the nation's imagination a bit less than some pundits expected. The BBC's first full HD broadcast was the World Cup 2006, and there's a handful of HD channels available on the Sky platform and cable. But it was interesting to see a newspaper piece from Canada about the relatively cool response to HD there; and in the UK we're in a position where most people who have it love it - but it's some way from being a mainstream proposition.

For the BBC, our HD service is a trial - but we want to see what we can do and give everyone the chance to make their mind up about its value. So we're pleased to say there'll be a fair amount of Sport in HD in the coming months to enhance the events I mentioned in an earlier post.

It starts this coming weekend with the FA Cup, where we'll be broadcasting Liverpool v Arsenal in HD on Saturday teatime followed by Manchester United v Aston Villa on Sunday lunchtime.

Then we'll be broadcasting some of the Six Nations in HD - on current plans, the games at Twickenham, Murrayfield and the Millennium Stadium. (It'll take a bit longer from some other venues: we're sometimes still not offered widescreen from Europe...)

Our first golf in HD will be the Masters from Augusta; and then, subject to regulatory approval for the trial continuing, we'll be broadcasting Wimbledon in HD for the second year with coverage from Centre and Number 1 courts.

So we'd appreciate your views on what you think of HD if you have it already. We can't promise to answer technical questions here, but the BBC HD website has some Q&As along with links to HD service providers such as Sky and Telewest. The BBC HD service is on Channel 145 if you have Sky digital - and it's free without any further subscription.

We hope you enjoy the next phase of the trial.

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