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Roger Mosey | 14:57 UK time, Tuesday, 12 September 2006

We've announced today that Ashes highlights will be on BBC Television this winter.

People have asked on this blog and on our message boards whether we listen to what audiences are saying - and I hope this is proof we do. Although the BBC has a great cricket service on radio in Test Match Special and online, television's lack of any cricket was casting doubt on whether we're truly committed to the sport...

Now, before anyone says it: yes, we're talking today about highlights and not live cricket on TV. The question of live cricket returning to the BBC is something we're keeping under review for the future when the contracts next become available.

But in the cases of both the Ashes and the World Cup we hope this will be a popular addition to our services. Most of the play in the Ashes will take place during the UK night - and what we're aiming to do is offer a digest of all the best action plus the latest news in a late evening slot before play resumes down under. In the case of the Cricket World Cup, we'll be on air much more quickly after the close of play - and again you can catch up on everything that happened while you were at work or out for the evening or whatever.

So we hope you'll enjoy a good period of top cricket coming up on the BBC: live on radio, our usual service online - and with the key moments also on television.

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