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  • 27 Apr 06, 12:01 PM

Welcome to the BBC Sport's Editors' blog

Our blog will take you behind the scenes of BBC Sport. We want to give you an insight into how we work, what it is we do, and perhaps most importantly, why we take the decisions we do.
A variety of people will be posting to the blog - from the BBC's director of Sport Roger Mosey, to editors within Sport Interactive, TV and radio - from football and cricket to technology, development and design.

They want to hear from you too so please add your comments to our entries. While we appreciate feedback about BBC Sport output, both positive and negative, please feel free to criticise what we do but not individuals personally.
For the uninitiated, blogs work like this:

Their most recent posts appear at the top of the page. And at the bottom of every entry will be two links:
• "Permalink" allows you to bookmark a particular post, or to send it by e-mail to a friend
• "Comments" invites you to offer your reaction to that entry, or read those of others
Comments are what set a blog apart from a traditional column because they create an immediate dialogue between the audience and author.
Our editors will be reading and responding to some of your comments
On the right hand side of the page, you'll see categories relating to different sports and authors. Click on these to find more blog entries on different topics.
You can also use an RSS feed of this blog. For more information, please visit our help page.

Please keep your comments clean.
Comments which fail our house rules may be removed.
If you see a post that is inappropriate, alert us by using the "complain about this post" link and we will act accordingly.
Try to keep your comments short and relevant to the post in question.
This is because long discussions may put off fellow users and make the page very long and unwieldy.
We only want people to post comments on the blog relevant to the entry….we still want all general commets about BBC sport coverage to go to our feedback inbox which helps us find out what you are saying and what we need to blog about…
So, if you have a complaint or a comment about anything on the website, please email us here.

You should also be aware of our privacy policy.

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