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Grandstand and our future plans

Roger Mosey | 12:33 UK time, Thursday, 27 April 2006

A lot of discussion this week about Grandstand, with a generally supportive reaction from the press and a mixed response from viewers. Many against losing the programme, obviously, but many in favour too. A large number saying "scrap the programme but keep the music" - so we'll see what we can do...

One of the best points made in email was there was huge coverage of what we were stopping doing but less about our future plans. Such is modern media life. But here are some headlines:

*The BBC will commit to making major events even bigger --- the best place to tell the stories of the World Cup on all our platforms (we have the rights until 2014) and showcasing Olympic Sports in the run-up to Beijing and then London 2012.

*We will put the emphasis on live sport scheduled where the greatest number of people can see it - and supplemented by highlights on demand whenever possible. In other words, you choose the timing not us.

*We will invest in interactive and new media services that give you more choice of coverage and events.

*There will be a new Sports News programme for BBC Television

*We will have a Sports Editor working across all our output with the same stature as someone like Nick Robinson in politics.

The aim is simply to make BBC Sport stronger and more exciting. But also - and this blog is part of it - more open to what audiences think and keen to debate the big issues in sport. So now it's over to you.

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