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The Special 1 | 14:26 UK time, Friday, 15 October 2010

Special 1

Special 1 TV, a satirical show which aired on BBC Three and the BBC Sport website during the 2010 World Cup, returns! Watch the first episode by clicking here and then read the all-new blog!

Peek-a-boo. It is me. Just when you thought I wasn't coming back, here I am. And even better than before as I am now blogging myself senseless on the BBC Sports blogsite - best sporting blog in the world, maybe even universe. And it is run by team of champions. And as I am a champion, it makes the sense that I blog with the champions. Do it.

Also I have tv show - Special 1 TV. You know it. Yes you do. It is fantastic TV show now in its 25th season... I think. Winning of awards and accolades, world renowned - it was created for interweb and interweb was created for it. Watch it here. Very nice.

Now I want to thank my fans all around the world. It was clear to you all that I had best performance of World Cup 2010 and BBC big boss thought so too. Thank you for continuing to tweet me senseless @special1tv and for doing it to me on the BBC blog. Keep doing it this season and also do it to me here in the comments below. I will be doing the reading and will include some of your comments in my show.

Also joining me once again the Boy Rooney and Sven. The boy has had challenging summer with disappointing World Cup performance, not-so-hot start to new season and of course his relationship difficulties... with Mr Alex.

And so new season is underway and all they have been talking about this week is group of men trying to get out of a hole. No, not Chilean miners (they are real champions), I'm talking about Liverpool. What holds their future? Time will tell.

Plus here it is, Jose's special managers to watch this season:

'The Mancini': He should appear on 'Stars in their eyes' saying "tonight, Matthew, I want to be The Special One". Three Words - Shut up Mancini!

Roberto Martinez: He is 'Special one-lite'. Poor taste in overcoats. Gives terrible press conference.

Alex McLeish: I think he is special. Admire the way he is able to hold down job in the Premier League while also starring in CSI Miami!

The Holloway: This is a new species of manager I have never encountered before.

And Sven: Says he will stay at Leicester for three years! Just enough time to get them to the Premier League... The Blue Square Premier League!

And Rafa: Don't mess with my eggs. My eyes are on you.

So. New season of the football and new season of Special 1 TV. Check out latest my episode of Special 1 TV here.

Be Champions!

Special 1 TV, Saturday 16 October, 22:25 BST, BBC Three


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