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AC DC @ Wembley - backstage teamwork the real star attraction

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Chris Kane Chris Kane | 09:28 UK time, Tuesday, 11 August 2009


acdc.logo.jpg    A few weeks ago I had, what was for me a somewhat unusual, opportunity to attend the AC DC concert at Wembley Stadium. I'm not really into heavy metal music but being a teenager in the 70's I had a vague recollection of this amazing group. I was also interested in how Wembley deals with largescale events and if there are any insights for how we at Workplace do things.


I was intrigued by the fact that as the band have been on the go since 1973 could they really perform like they used to when they were in their prime?


images-acdc.jpgThere is no doubt that the description of their being the "godfathers of hard rock" is well and truly earned



Moving to things closer to home - I have to say that  the way the music and stage show was set up, operated and de-rigged entranced me.  I focused on the end of the show  - whilst the show itself was amazing, it was made all the more memorable by seeing how the back of house team at Wembley managed to cope with 60,000+ fans and how they started stripping the soundstage within 5 minutes of the last encore! Most of the many tons of rubbish had been gathered within half an hour. It was a most remarkable example of teamwork and coordination.


A enjoyable night out with a fantastic stadium and a great day to end the week. Lots of food for thought for how we work together as a team and how to get things done on a large scale in a safe and sustainable manner.





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