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So much for technology

  • Martin Conaghan - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 7 Feb 07, 05:21 PM

sco_badge.gifOnly last week, I made my first post here on the Six Nations blog, and sang the praises of the tournament - in particular, the technology employed to make it a more interesting spectacle.

I'm not going to waste my time by debating a moot point, but how ironic was it that the very technology I singled out for praise was to become the most controversial aspect in the Calcutta Cup match at Twickenham?

Whether you think the Television Match Official called Jonny Wilkinson's try rightly, or wrongly, the technology which produced the action replay appeared to have been largely ignored.

Of course, the match was over as a contest by that stage, so it's all academic anyway.

Ultimately, what it proves is not the inefficiency of computers, cameras or microphones, but the fallibility of human beings, even when faced with fairly incontrivertible evidence.

Unfortunately, all the computers in the world won't change intransigence.

But I'm not bitter. Let's just hope the TMO is wearing his prescription specs on Saturday.

Can football learn from the Six Nations?

  • Martin Conaghan - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 2 Feb 07, 01:30 PM

Three main things strike me about rugby, and the Six Nations in particular.

The first is the general level of interest in the tournament in recent years. With BBC coverage on television, interactive and radio - and billboards across the country promoting the tournament - it's difficult to avoid mention of the forthcoming matches, or fail to be even mildly hyped by the thrilling prospect of an event like the Calcutta Cup.

The second is the general organisation of the tournament. Speaking as an outsider, the Six Nations presents as a well-organised, well-attended and generally popular event. Crowd trouble is almost non-existent and the over-enthusiastic horse-play from players which characterised the game in the past is being gradually phased out of the game by the introduction of sensible rules and strict sanctions.

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About Martin Conaghan

  • Martin Conaghan - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 26 Jan 07, 09:06 AM

sco_badge.gifI work as a producer on BBC Sport's website in Glasgow. I have to admit my main passion is Scottish football, but I also have a big interest in blogging.

So I'll be approaching this year's Six Nations from the perspective of an armchair spectator who can't tell the difference between a fly-half and drop-kick...

Outside of the BBC, I spend far too much time on the internet, usually searching for obscure websites and seeking out absurd facts, so expect some rugby ephemera in the coming weeks.

I'm also going to side with the bookies for my championship tip, and anger my fellow countrymen and colleagues by picking Ireland for the trophy.

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