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Will Welsh skipper's new nickname stick?

  • Dewi Hughes - BBC Wales Sport journalist
  • 7 Mar 07, 03:03 PM

Dewi Hugheswal_badge.gifThe Wales rugby squad has its far share of humorous player nicknames.

None of them are particularly complimentary, but a fair bit more imaginative than in football, where the tendency is simply to tweak the surname (Giggsy, Keano, Lamps etc)

Gareth Thomas is known as ‘Alfie’ because of his canny resemblance to the furry alien in the popular 80’s television series ALF; Brent Cockbain’s uncompromising rucking has earned him the nickname ‘Disaster’; while it doesn’t take a genius to guess why Gethin Jenkins is affectionately called ‘Melon Head’.

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Wales player ratings

  • Dewi Hughes - BBC Wales Sport journalist
  • 24 Feb 07, 11:44 PM

Dewi Hugheswal_badge.gif
Cardiff - Wales stunned France with two early tries but were unable to stop the powerful home side from thundering back to keep alive their Grand Slam hopes with a 32-21 victory in Paris.

See if you agree with my ratings.

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About Dewi Hughes

  • Dewi Hughes - BBC Wales Sport journalist
  • 26 Jan 07, 08:54 AM

dewi_6666.gifwal_badge.gifHaving endured a five-year winless streak with my school team, rugby union has never really brought me much happiness.

My losing aura obviously rubbed off on the Wales national team too, as the infamous 9-15 defeat to Romania on my 12th birthday in 1988 was the first international I attended.

Since then, I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen Wales win - so it was an easy choice to join the hoards on Henson Hill two seasons ago rather risk spoiling the hopes of a nation by going to the stadium.

However, the sport has given the most bizarre experience of my journalism career to date… sitting with some of Wales' finest rugby hacks listening to Mike Ruddock going through his full repertoire of Beatles hits on guitar!

I got my taste of journalism with a short stint with the Bangor Chronicle, (covering my beloved Bangor City FC) before then making a potentially hazardous switch to Caernarfon to join the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald.

I joined the BBC Sport website in Cardiff in 2000 and have been writing on all aspects of Welsh sport ever since.

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