Club v country rant

  • Stevie Miller - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 14 Feb 07, 05:23 PM

stevie_miller_6666.gifsco_badge.gifHere's an analogy for you.

It's the football World Cup finals, Brazil have negotiated a tough group stage and are looking forward to the next round, when, all of a sudden, the English Premiership clubs demand the return of their Brazilian players for some league matches that weekend.

Can you imagine it? No, quite frankly, because it would never ever happen.

Yet, in the free week of the Six Nations, three Scottish players have been refused permission to train with the rest of the national squad! How has this mess been allowed to happen?

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Drowning sorrows brews trouble

  • Bruce Pope - BBC Wales Sport journalist
  • 14 Feb 07, 04:15 PM

b_pope_6666.gifwal_badge.gif Cardiff - Are professional rugby players, specifically international rugby players, allowed to have a drink?

By drink I don't mean rehydrating with some fancy isotonic concoction or, heaven forbid, plain old water. I mean booze, hooch, the devil's brew - alcohol.

I only ask because one of the daily tabloids down here in Cardiff dedicated Wednesday's back page to a report on how the Wales team went out drinking in Edinburgh after Saturday's defeat to Scotland.

Apparently there were more than a few Welsh fans "enraged" by seeing Gareth Jenkins' boys out supping a few ales after being duffed at Murrayfield.

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Your laws questions two

  • Nigel Owens - international rugby union referee
  • 14 Feb 07, 11:01 AM

nigel_owens6666.gifThank you for all your rugby rules questions after another much talked about week in the Six Nations.

This week we cover a wide range of subjects, from the line-out and calling of marks to television match officials and binding at the scrum.

Here are the latest set of queries. Keep your questions coming in.

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