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Wednesday 26 September 2012, 10:32

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Actually in my house this morning which is a strange moment. No schools to talk to but back on that tour again tomorrow. The trouble with 'working from home' is of course getting roped in to give children lifts when buses fail to turn up or missed bus because spent too long looking for umbrella. If you're on a train, that's that. `Yesterday's star pupil-as i mentioned on the show-was a lad called George who told me he listened to the show regularly. Before I looked too pleased he added it was his grandmother who always had me on. Anyway this is a good thing as I subscribe to the theory that a 'target audience' is a nonsense and that everyone is welcome. Across the generations, come one, come all. I always tell the pupils that we might not have tempted them in just yet, but that Radio 2 will get them in the end. Like death and taxes.
Today we are baking. Paul Hollywood, judge on "The Great British Bake Off", will be with us. His partnership with Mary Berry has been described in The Guardian as 'the show's secret weapon' and maybe one of the best judging combos on TV. I have never baked but happily pay for other people's labour and watched last night's episode of doughnuts and celebration breads with a rising hunger. Cakes and bread are seen by the weight conscious as the devil's food but Paul looks in good shape to me and he will discuss the art of baking from 6. And GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF oldies should fill the gaps between sponge and tart (insert your own joke here).
Have a trim and sporty Wednesday, see you after 5.


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    Comment number 101.

    #98 Amelia... we had a lovely evening seeing the Phantom of the Opera, which, apart from several familiar songs, was quite different to the last time we saw it in London. I believe this is a completely new set and the manager told me it took 21 massive trucks to bring all the staging!

    John Owen-Jones is just mesmerising as the Phantom, and Christine was outstanding too. I can't criticise anyone as all were great. We are already going again on October 20th, the last night but having loved tonight's show and knowing JOJ is finishing his run this week, I managed to get two good seats for Friday night too.

    Earl Carpenter takes over as the Phantom next week and both he and JOJ have been playing the part on and off for quite a few years, including on Broadway and I have seen him in Les Mis and know he's going to be brilliant too.

    Sorry if this bores non Phantom people, but Amelia asked about tonight and it was too good not to share and might help anyone who is interested.

    Here are some some reviews (Edinburgh) of the current touring version...



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    Comment number 102.

    Well done Gazza on your #100 :o)

    Night night if you're still around! xx

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    Comment number 103.

    #102 thanks and night night florence xx

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    Comment number 104.

    Good Morning All

    It's one of those can't make its mind up days - hope we will see some sun later.

    Well done Flo, Shona and ponyclubmum for menshes yesterday. And was that Flo's Sunday name I heard for the mösh?

    Glad you enjoyed 'Phantom', Florence. It's one of the shows I've always wanted to see, but never got round to. I love the music.

    Well done for the 100th post, Gazza. We're missing Katy and her hats.


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    Comment number 105.

    Good Morning!

    It is NOT raining! We have blue sky! There is a glimmer of sunshine!

    Good Morning!

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    Comment number 106.

    Good morning one and all - grey and overcast at the moment -and more rain forecast later. I hope everyone has escaped the floods so far - I worry about Harry. He's already been through it once - thinking of you Harry.


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    Comment number 107.

    Good Morning Everyone

    Just a very quick poop by to say good morning. Such a busy day ahead and a late finish too. I hope Harry and anyone else suffering from the flooding are okay as well.

    Tea party all set. Roll on 10 o'clock........


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