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No more working for a week or two...


Well an interesting double blog for no apparent reason, no idea why that happened. Who knows how many will appear today? Maybe you could get one each? Now that would be fun.

The sun of course didn't last and through the torrential rain and gazebo-tilting, our last blade of grass disappeared under the muddy waters. We clearly have chosen the perfect time to go on holiday and enjoy the English summer experience. Paddy might think he's filling in for a fortnight but I may well have had enough after 4 days and reappear. I also have the small matter of Itch 2 to finish or important people will get cross. It's rapidly turning into War and Peace and that might not be what's expected.

Paddy K is on the show next week and most of the following week too. I'm back for the first of our Olympics shows on the opening Friday. It'll be an all requester from the Olympic village, just before the opening ceremony and then we're off around different sights to bring you some top Olympic Drivetime action (which means I'm not quite sure what's happening but it'll be great).

In the meantime we have a tip-top and sparkly ARF to deliver and I'm already looking forward to it. The movie show features Matthew McConaughey who stars in Magic Mike but how much film action we get depends on the John Terry verdict which is due this afternoon.

So let's get this ARF started in time-honoured fashion. Go on, impress us.

My prediction is 765 blog posts by my return. Can I win a cake?

Have a well-chiselled and highly-toned Friday, see you after 5.


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