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That Was Quick


And so, rather wonderfully, it's Friday already. For those not back to work yet this is undoubtedly a drag but for everyone else, it's a much deserved short week. Monday won't be great but let that go for a while because Friday is just fine. No school run just yet and a quiet house in which to compose this missive. Welcome back to the blog all you stragglers and occasional visitors.

Just been watching some Haim. You know them; the BBC's Sound of 2013. I have either a) been following the sisters from LA closely and always found their mix of top musicianship and on stage chemistry a winning combination or b) not heard of them before. But was rather impressed I must say and a clever enough sound to appeal to a number of different tastes (and heads of music).

A 2 show day with the movie show on 5L kicking off with Ewan McGregor on The Impossible. This is the extraordinary true story of a family caught in the Asian Tsunami of 2004 with Ewan and Naomi Watts as the parents frantically trying to keep their family alive. When I saw it I had no idea it was true or how it finished and found it-while marvelling at the effects and the performance of Naomi Watts- a pretty gruelling watch, more a horror film than anything else. If you've read the original family's story your's will be a different experience I think. I was expecting-and planned for- a chat with Naomi. This turned out (thanks to a film company mix up) to be a chat with Ewan instead but I think it's all ok.
Then it's an ARF with a top opening song from, shall we say, 1975? Claim that ARF crown now!

Have a flexible and nimble Friday, see you at 5.


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