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This February thing seems to go on for ever. And then it's March which sounds as though it'll be quite February in its inclinations. If I was a listener who'd booked a trip to Barbados, I'd be sending it in to me too. In fact I don't even need fancy dan where-your-shorts-and flipflops-and-white-shirt type heat, just double figures would be nice. Is 11 or 12 degrees C too much to ask? And really I'd like 13/14 degrees but daren't mention it in case I'm laughed at. So meantime  we'll have to take the 3 we're offered and lump it. Huddle round and throw another Radio Times on the fire, we'll take it in turns to send out for provisions (I think you've made your point, move on and talk about your ARF).

So your ARF year of choice was discussed after the show last night and as a photo-based wheeze, we have chosen 1986. This was the year I joined Radio 1 from Radio Nottingham and the theory is that all sorts of embarrassing photos can be attached to our Facebook page. I've had a peek at what is available. Hmm. There appears to be a selection of  pics with a freshfaced chipmunk waiting to be exploited. When making your choice of '86 song, please also tell us what you'd have been wearing/what you were doing. Why should it just be me that suffers? Post now! Share the pain!

Have a sprightly and youthful Friday, see you after 5.

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