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Right you are then. Wednesday already, tan fading and meetings piling up. One of those post-summer holiday moments is when you realise 1) loads of people haven't left for theirs yet and 2) it's along time till Christmas. And even then Christmas isn't much of a holiday. Maybe the trick is think August is a holiday, even if I'm working. This would mean eating baguette in vast quantities for breakfast and lunch and tea, washed down with wine at 3 euros a bottle. I'm not sure this is conducive to long life or continued employment to be honest. Maybe I'll just moisturise and get on with it.
Roddy Doyle today. Author of 9 novels, including The Commitments, winner of the Booker for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha and now his new one The Guts. This is a return to some of The Commitments characters (25 years after its publication), in the same year that it is to become a musical. He says he'd rather have been a musician than a writer but The Guts is full of old bands, singles and albums so maybe this is as close as he'll get.
And maybe we'll try songs of COMMITMENT and see what happens!
Have a poised and enthusiastic Wednesday, see you after 5.

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