Playing: It Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am by KT Tunstall
BBC Radio 2

Head full of cold, two shows to do and some CinN activities along the way. Germ spreading guaranteed. Mark Kermode, Jennifer Lawrence and all CinNers are directly in the line of fire. Maybe I'll wear a Terry Wogan mask to keep my infection at bay.
Hopefully you'll excuse a les than fulsome blog...
Hunger Games:Catching Fire is the big movie this week. I loved the first book and film and think JL is the bees knees. It is fair to say she was a little 'just-off-the-plane' for our chat but she's still one of the most compelling actors out there.  After movies on 5, it's the small amble to R2 and the CinN  all-request-songathon-tireless-nonstop-marathon-perpetual-jukebox.
Give us a quid?
Have a germ-free, vitamin-filled Friday. See you at 2/5.


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