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If this is later than normal, that is my fault. I am blogging late as child 3 starts a new school today. It is quite a thing isn't it (so poetic)? There won't be a blogger out there who doesn't remember starting their secondary school, the nerves, the itchy uniform, the feeling of 'where am I supposed to be and who are these people?' Anyway, he's dispatched and autumn is with us (at least in this house).

Went to a prom last night at the Royal Albert Hall-Stravinsky mainly and a new piece that had been specially commissioned-but spent the first half locked out. If you miss the start (7pm I have an excuse!), you have to wait for a suitable moment before you are allowed in and that turned out to be half-time (as they say at Radio 3). Sitting on the steps eating crisps was fine but hardly the full prom experience.

Show time with Nigel doing streetfood again-Indonesian fritters I beleive. And we'll try EGO oldies please. New book explores the show-off, self obsessed types we all know and work with (not at R2 obvs) and that sounds interesting to me. Ego songs, oldies for the egomaniac in your life.

Have a strutting, preening Thursday. See you after 5.

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