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Well these things are sent to try us and they most certainly do. More problems somewhere in the vast world of BBC IT delayed proceedings again-hopefully today things will be faster, sharper, fabulouser. WE SHALL SEE.

(deep breath)

And onwards. Garden door open, swifts are screeching already and the telephone man imminent (maybe my phone is, in some weird pan-BBC way, connected to the blog. When the blog is sick, my phone dies. Or something). I only have the phone man/woman's word for the fact they are imminent and it may well be that they are interpreting 'imminent' in a slightly looser way than me. We shall see.

Today's show welcomes comedian and writer Mark Watson. So comedy and books should take us through nicely. Hotel Alpha is the latest novel (his fourth), set in a 5 star hotel in London and is accompanied/complemented by/with 100 extra mini-stories on line. This seems like seriously hard work to me, never mind his forthcoming Edinburgh show. So as a musical extra, HOTEL LIFE oldies will be lovely.

Checking in at 5 (oh very drôle minister).


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