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A happy throng


Assuming all our roofs are on and hair is in place, here we go for another fabulous Friday. And having been grateful all day yesterday in the Thanksgiving way, we had the Radio 2 presenters gathering-that-wasn't-a-party in the evening. Although we all come out of the same speaker, we rarely get to see each other. I see Steve and Jo of course and sometimes Lord Bob and Jamie C but that's usually it (occasionally Chris and Mark Radcliffe at the gym, Mark with his clothes on). So an evening with Ken, Jeremy, David Jacobs, Claudia W and the Dark Lord is not to be sniffed at. Speeches were made, propaganda film were shown and sausages were nibbled. When I left- to cries of lightweight-, Matt and Rebecca were still going strong and maybe are still there with Nigel Ogden and Frank Renton getting the next round in. Party on.
Movie show today on 5L with guests Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth-not a bad double act. They star, along with Alan Rickman, in a remake of Gambit which originally starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine. It's got a Coen brothers script (though it doesn't feel like it) , Colin F loses his trousers and Alan R does his Sheriff of Nottingham act again. I watched it next to Claudia W who laughed a little more than I did but there are some good gags and a Colin/Cameron movie will always find an audience.
Then to R2 towers and today's top year for the ARF opener is 1984, so the gauntlet is laid...
Have a stable and sure-footed Friday. see you at 2&5


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