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The Old Bull and Bush


Bright and sunny here, high wispy clouds and the autumn-tang in the air! Apparently we could well be in for a beautiful, golden show this year as the wet summer gave a huge boost to trees, and their leaves are staying put rather than being shed early, as happens in drought years.

It's all about sugar in the leaves apparently. If the sunshine continues the leaves produce more of it and that helps produce the stunning golden spread once the green chlorophyll is broken down. So I understand. And if the wind can back off for a while that would help too and we can all marvel for a few extra days before the leaf kicking begins.

So we have Sir John Major on the show today. He has written a large tome which is partly a history of the music hall and partly the story of his father Tom. Chris has just been talking about what a fascinating man Sir John is and there is a point of view that he has acquired a gravitas he was rarely allowed to show while PM.

This book however rarely wanders into anything political and is more concerned to paint the picture of the vulgar, boisterous and patriotic world of the music hall which peaked at the end of the 19th century. The only link older readers will have with this world would be the BBC's The Good Old Days show which ran for ever and I never really got it but I guess I wasn't really the target audience. But it was the life of Tom 'Major' Ball and his son will tell all after 6.

Can we do MUSIC HALL oldies? Songs for SHOW MEN AND WOMEN? I think so. Old fashioned show-biz. The lights and the grease paint. And if all else fails, vulgar, boisterous and patriotic will have to do.

Have a healthy and pain-free Tuesday, see you after 5.


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