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Good morning from a dark and dank London. One of those days when the darkness seems to last for a long time. At least I'm staying put for most of it, with no train journeys, school visits or book waving to do. A sedate breakfast then a tortuous day of rewrites before WORK and the DAY JOB takes over.
Art Garfunkel is our guest. One of the THE voices of my growing up, Simon and Garfunkel were my earliest musical devotion. I was late to the party being too young to be a part of that sixties folk world but Bridge Over Troubled Water was my first album, Paul Simon my first proper concert (£5 at the London Palladium). Radio 1 had an enormous series called 'Simon and Garfunkel Together and Alone' and I recorded the whole series with a microphone next to my radio. I knew every word. I recorded the interview a couple of days ago before Art flew back home and he is, I would say, a delightful if somewhat eccentric interview. On introduction, I said 'Hello Art, I'm Simon.' He said 'I hate that name!' He was joking but it gave an insight into his mindset I thought. It's a good chat-hear Art after 6.
And SKYFALL/JAMES BOND PREMIERE OLDIES please. Chris was talking about driving past the Royal Albert Hall this morning and that it is all set, red carpet out and poised for the showbiz event of the autumn. The movie is fantastic, maybe the best Bond ever and I'm hoping to make it tonight to see it again. The fact that you have to be seated by 7.10 is, admittedly, an issue. I may well be all revved up with no place to go (other than home).
Have a sprightly and energetic Tuesday, see you after 5.


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