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Scarlet and Grey, Shuffling Away


Ooh, at home and pyjama blogging. No poor students to hassle today so stuff to do and words to conjure/copy/chisel. Lots of celeb/Dr Who chatter here yesterday-child 3 a big DW fan and can offer many complex theories about the latest plot twists. He seems as captivated as ever (apparently John Hurt is a previously unreported Doctor or something but I agree with those who find it rather disappointing in comparison with the high points of recent years under Russel T Davies). Too fussy, not scary, even-occasionally-boring. I wonder if it's started to believe its own hype. But while child 3 spends all his time reading about it and working on the latest developments, it is clearly reaching its target audience rather effectively.

Loved having The Zombies on yesterday, Colin and Rod are such gents and so eloquent that you can only wish them well. St Albans in 1961 clearly a rockier place than I imagined! And their idea (borrowed from Ringo) of not leaving the stage before the 'encore' seems a sound one to me. But enough of the ghost/hell/zombie theme! Let us venture to the Chelsea Flower Show and the GNOMES that have captured the headlines. The ban on garden ornaments was lifted by the Royal Horticultural Society so the gnomes, as decorated by Elton John, Lily Allen and Alan Titchmarch have caught our eye. I'm still not sure if The Laughing Gnome is going to make it  however...

Have a flowery and fragrant Thursday, see you after 5.


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